Delta Vista


The versatile, modular space frame roof construction of the Delta combined with the aesthetically appealing Vista façade is a sure winner.





Width / Size

5mx5m modules

Std Side Height

6m, 10m

Tri-dimensional aluminium frame
The highly flexible and easy to install Delta by De Boer system guarantees fast erection and dismantling time and adds to the attractive design of the structure. This is further enhanced by the stylish Vista façade. The Delta system offers unparalleled opportunities for temporary space utilisation and a very comfortable interior climate because of the optimised ventilation.

Space efficiency
The Delta Vista has a clear internal height of 6 meters as standard and offers a column free span of up to 30 meters. This allows you to use every square metre of this structure to the benefit of your project.

Erection and lifting operation
- Structure and covering are safely assembled on the ground; all necessary lighting and other technical facilities can be easily installed.
- The lifting operation is performed with cranes or jacks, depending on the structure to be erected.
- Erection time depends on size and lay-out of structure, in general the construction time takes between three and ten days.


Delta Vista
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