Product Launch accommodations

Perfect launching location
Product launches are an essential part of the competitive business world today. Every company wants to create the perfect image and atmosphere for launching their new products. Getting it right is what counts.

Tailor made solutions
De Boer has a wealth of experience in handling product launches. Where and how the product is to be launched is the key element. We can tailor make the launch to suit your needs, customize our structures to carry your company logo and create the perfect atmosphere.

On any location

So, whether you choose to launch your new product on some remote tropical island or with a mountain range as a backdrop, De Boer has the solution.

References with regard to Product Launches
Presentation of Toyota Lexus, Saudi Arabia
Launch of Mercedes Sports Coupe, France
Launch of Mercedes E class, Germany
Launch of Cadillac Northstar LMP, France
Launch of BMW 5 Series, United Kingdom
Launch of Ferrari Modena, The Netherlands
Launch of Audi TT 'Audi on Ice', The Netherlands
Launch of Disney Lion King, United Kingdom
Launch of Chrysler Viper, France
Launch of BMW 7 Series, Thailand
Launch of the new Mini, Italy and Portugal
Launch of Audi A8, Italy
Launch of James Bond 'Die Another day', United Kingdom
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