Panorama Premier

Unique, exclusive and striking

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Double-deck platforms When the available surface area is limited, a double decker is the ideal choice because it allows you to build upwards. What’s more, it gives your visitors a good view of the event (area) from the first storey.
Unique and modern look These two unique structures combine to create a unique and powerful whole that makes a positive contribution to how your event is experienced.
Optimised view The Panorama Premier’s upper level and horizontal glass panels provide an optimal view of your event (location). The structure’s lack of posts also optimises the view of the interior and the use of space.

Specifikationer och möjligheter

Side view

Panorama Premier


Modular Rectangular

Bredder / storlekar


Std sidhöjd


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  • System floor
  • Arched windows
  • PVC wall panels
  • Tinted glass window panels
  • Various types of doors
  • Internal and external stairs

The best of both worlds

This accommodation combines the best of the Premier and the Panorama Dome. The ground floor feels particularly spacious thanks to the horizontally placed glass panels and the clear span. The upper level provides a fantastic panoramic view and access to the terrace.

Unique look

The Panorama Premier has a luxurious and distinctive look. The combination of right angles and curves creates a surprising effect, and it stands out even more because it is a double decker. You are sure to give your visitors a unique experience with this accommodation.

Plenty of space
There is no lack of space. Posts and supports are a thing of the past thanks to the clear span. In order words, you can make optimal use of the space.

Panorama Premier, in brief:

  • Accommodation with an upper level
  • Accompanying inside and outside stairs possible
  • Vista façade and horizontally placed sandwich panels
  • Great side wall and peak height
  • Suitable for exclusive events and sporting events like golf tournaments, car races, horse races, etc.


Taking care of everything

It takes lot of time and attention to build a temporary structure. That’s why at De Boer we take as many concerns off your hands as possible. If so desired, we offer turn-key solutions. From the planning application and construction to the interior layout, we can advise and assist you in the entire process. We work with highly regarded partners in such areas as sanitary units, climate systems and furniture, so you can be assured of quality. And because we are your point of contact for all concerns, you don’t have to deal with arranging these issues yourself. This allows you to focus on your own important business.

Safety and quality

Your safety is our concern, which is why we use fire-resistant materials and make sure that the anchoring and construction is secure. Our structures and processes meet the strictest standards: EN NEN 13782, ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC**.