Delta Vista

Solid space with a wide view

Den mångsidiga takkonstruktionen kombinerat med den estetiskt tilltalande ”Vista” fasaden är en säker vinnare.

Quick assembly Quick assembly and disassembly means that your temporary event does not have to stand at the location longer than necessary.
Robust appearance The Delta Vista is much more like a real building than a tent. It stands out nicely among its surroundings and is sure to make a good impression.
Flexibility Thanks to its modular design, the Delta Vista can be built in various shapes and sizes and, if necessary, can be quickly modified to suit your requirements.

Specifikationer och möjligheter

Side view



Modular squares - Delta

Bredder / storlekar

5 x 5m modules

Std sidhöjd

3,5m - 10m

Ladda ner teknisk specifikation (237.6 KB)


  • White opaque roof cover
  • Transparent roof cover
  • Cassette floor
  • Plate floor
  • Push bar doors
  • Emergency door
  • Horizontal PVC side panels
  • Horizontal glass side panels
  • Sandwich side panels

Tredimensionella aluminiumram

Det mycket flexibla ”Delta by De Boer” systemet garanterar snabb montering och demontering och bidrar till hallens attraktiva design. Detta förstärks ytterligare av den stilrena ”Vista” fasaden. Delta systemet erbjuder enastående möjligheter för temporära utrymmen. 

Effektivt utrymme

Delta Vistan har en inre höjd på 6 meter som standard och erbjuder en fri spännvidd på upp till 30 meter. Fördelen med detta är att du kan använda varje kvadratmeter av denna hall.

Montering och lyft

  • Deltan monteras och förankras säkert i marken; all nödvändig belysning och andra tekniska anläggningar kan lätt installeras.
  • Lyften av taket sker med en eller fler kranar, beroende på vilken struktur som ska monteras.

Delta Vista, in brief:

  • Impressive façade with horizontal panels
  • Standard interior height: 6 metre
  • Clear span up to 30 metres in width
  • Spacious roof construction with built-in ventilation system- Good insulation against noise and temperature fluctuations
  • Modular setup enables easy expansion up to a maximum width of 50 metres.


Taking care of everything

It takes lot of time and attention to build a temporary structure. That’s why at De Boer we take as many concerns off your hands as possible. If so desired, we offer turn-key solutions. From the planning application and construction to the interior layout, we can advise and assist you in the entire process. We work with highly regarded partners in such areas as sanitary units, climate systems and furniture, so you can be assured of quality. And because we are your point of contact for all concerns, you don’t have to deal with arranging these issues yourself. This allows you to focus on your own important business.

Safety and quality

Your safety is our concern, which is why we use fire-resistant materials and make sure that the anchoring and construction is secure. Our structures and processes meet the strictest standards: EN NEN 13782, ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC**.