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Realising a project takes you through a process with various steps. 

1. Goals

Each project begins with an exploratory talk in which your project goals and corresponding infrastructure requirements are established with the help of an experienced sales manager.


2. Site visit

During a visit to your project location, the account manager looks at – among other things – the access roads to and from the location, potential obstacles, the permanent facilities available, the construction space available, matters arising, the specific dimensions of the location any health and safety matters arising.


3. Design

The accounts manager works with various disciplines within De Boer, including project managers, site foremen and HR planners, to come up with the best design for your project. Our own CAD department then flesh out this design into floor plans, drawn to scale. Additional personalised visualisations bring the designs and your project to life.


4. Price and drawings

A detailed quote clarifies the various factors that make up your complete temporary facility. Our accounts manager will take you through the various possibilities. The drawings and the final quote form the basis for our cooperation agreement.

4 price and drawing.jpeg

5. Programme

A detailed timetable is essential for the perfect implementation of a project. In this programme, our project managers plot out the timelines for all of the parties who will contribute to the provision of your facility. They also draw up a detailed programme for the entire project so that we can be assured of an efficient implementation by all parties.


6. Logistical preparation

Our logistics centre reserves the required parts and prepares a packing plan. Shortly before the shipment date, the parts are gathered in the packing area and loaded onto the lorries in the order most efficient for the construction.


7. Construction

Our site foremen are first to arrive at the site in order to receive the many different materials and to direct our site crews. The ground frames are laid out, the floors are laid, the frames are erected, the walls are put in and the roofs are raised.


8. Structure and Finishing

Once the build is complete, the parties responsible for the layout and furnishing of the structures can get to work. Items such as lighting, heating and furniture are installed in accordance with the agreed programme to guarantee efficiency.


9. Turn-key delivery

Once the last details have been completed, the facility can be handed over and is ready for use.

9 turnkey delivery.jpeg

10. Client use of the structure

There is a very wide variety of uses for temporary structures. The many different designs can each contribute in their own way to achieving your goals.


11. Handback

Once your project has concluded, our parties go to work in a pre-specified order to dismantle, pack up and ship away the various parts. Once all the materials have been removed, we walk around the project location with you and perform the formal transfer.


12. Evaluation

Your opinion is very important to us, as we are committed to providing the highest customer satisfaction. Within two weeks of the dismantling of your structures, you will receive an email from our research agency asking you to participate in a brief customer satisfaction survey. The accounts manager will also discuss the project separately with you in detail so that we can take note of any points of improvement and implement these in future projects.

12 Evaluation.jpeg

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