Facility services

De Boer can assist you to add various services, to enable you to make optimal use of your temporary facility and have it satisfy all of your needs. Thanks to our reliable and extensive network of suppliers and partners, virtually everything is possible.

Lighting & AV

Because you want everything to be clearly visible during your event and the creation of the right ambience is key to success, good lighting is essential. We can assist you in this regard by providing everything from general ‘house’ lighting to atmospheric and feature lighting, including for example spotlights and laser lamps. We can also take care of your audio-visual needs, to suit your presentation requirements.


Climate control

During your event, you want to create the perfect conditions for your visitors, colleagues and guests. The indoor climate at your event plays an important role in this. De Boer offers you various possibilities with respect to the installation of heating and/or air conditioning and many of our structures can be insulated to maintain the desired temperature. We do everything to ensure that your facility is as comfortable as possible.


Electrical services and water

Eectricity supplies and water are often fundamental requirements, so we work with highly regarded partners for the installation of potable water provision, drainage, sanitary units and electrical services, among other things, so you can be assured of quality.


Fire safety

Safety is our number one priority. That is why we are very experienced in arranging the installation of various fire suppression/monitoring systems, including extinguishers, fire alarms and smoke/gas detectors. It is also easy for us to equip the structure with the required emergency lighting and doors so that everyone in the accommodation can get out safely in the case of an emergency.


Floor covering

A bare floor is often not the best look for your event, which is why we offer various options for floor covering, such as carpet or vinyl for interiors and items such as wooden deck tiles and ‘astroturf’ for exterior areas. In this way, you create the best look and make optimal use of the space, both inside and outside.


Wall and ceiling covering

To make your event location look as attractive as possible and provide a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, you can choose to have your ceiling and side walls furnished with fabric. In addition, you can also have acoustic-damping fabric installed in your temporary facility which minimises any noise disturbance from the outside environment and vice versa.



When an event is not located close to useable, permanent facilities, it is important that the accommodation has its own sanitary facilities. We can install various types of services at your temporary location, from basic toilets to luxury units.



To increase the accessibility of your temporary location, it is possible for us to place track-way on the ground to make it easier for vehicles to reach the location. Similarly, we can install track-way for the access, build and dismantle phases, to protect the ground and minimise any required reinstatement works.  If desired, we can also erect fencing at the build location, so that you can control who comes in and out of your facility at al times.