Space solutions with Social Distancing in mind

Create a safe working environment

Social Distancing is our main tool in the fight against COVID-19; however, it’s not easy to implement in the workplace. How can you comply with the requirements and keep your business running at the same time? 

Extra space for a safe working environment - fast

Losberger De Boer can provide you with the extra space you need. Our rapidly deployable structures can be used as extra office space, additional meeting space, temporary dining hall, storage, or even a temporary workshop or production space. In a matter of days, we can deliver the temporary facilities you need to guarantee sufficient space required to have a safe working environment. 

Does your turnover depend on the number of customers or visitors that you can serve? Our temporary structures can help you to increase your capacity in no time. 

Social distancing measures 

Now that social Distancing is mandatory and companies must take the necessary measures to enable their employees to keep six feet distance from their colleagues, businesses who fail to comply are obliged to shut down.

Being productive with the new reality

Even if pandemic subsides in the upcoming weeks, safety measures will most probably remain active for months or even years to come. After all, the virus is still with us, and the risk of a new global outbreak is real until a vaccine is available. Even if governments decide to make social Distancing voluntary, it’s still highly plausible that people ask for social Distancing in the workplace. 

Many companies and institutions will have to make substantial adjustments to comply with social Distancing and still be productive. It’s ‘the new normal’! 

Social Distancing at workplace; Is it feasible? 

For many companies, guaranteeing free space between all employees or customers within the current infrastructure is very difficult, if not impossible. In many cases, businesses simply do not have the extra space needed in the office or workplace to allow everyone to work, confer, or have lunch six feet apart. Desks need to be moved further apart, aisles need to be widened, rooms and cafeterias need to be furnished differently or host fewer people, and so on.  

It’s especially more challenging when you have a workshop or production facility. After all, you are dealing with machines and equipment that are not meant to be moved around, and changing rooms and locker systems might present you with another difficulty.

The hospitality industry faces a particularly big challenge: to generate the same amount of revenue, with less paying visitors, or even worse, to compensate for the lockdown period. Grocery stores, retail outlets, and even educational institutions are forced to find ways to create additional space. In almost every sector, businesses are trying to answer the ‘million-dollar question’: How should I make the extra space and still don’t adversely affect my business?

Quickly create extra space for social Distancing

With its modular accommodations, Losberger De Boer offers various efficient and feasible ways to temporarily create the extra space needed to comply with social distancing rules or wishes, while at the same time allowing companies to continue their operation. 

We help entrepreneurs adapt to the new norm

Losberger De Boer has developed a number of rapidly deployable solutions that can help you comply with social distancing needs. Solutions are categorized by sector here: 

  • Temporary Dining Halls 

By adding an extension to your current dining hall, or by creating an extra stand-alone dining area, You’ll have enough space to comply with social distancing requirements. Read more

  • Expansion of workshop/production space

We can quickly expand your workshop or production space. Your added space can be easily scaled up and down as well, offering you maximum flexibility. 

  • Expansion of offices 

We can install additional, fully equipped office units at or near your current building. We can also build external, larger meeting rooms so that you and your team can meet face-to-face in a safe environment. 

  • Classrooms and auditoria 

Add extra classrooms and lecture halls to allow a safe distance between students, utilize a crowd control tent to guarantee a safe influx of visitors into the building, and add extra dining facilities to serve people safely. Read more

  • Aviation

Social Distancing is challenging to achieve in aviation. Realistic options are expanding the number of terminals and installing additional hangars.

  • Storage/warehouses

Corona pandemic left many companies with cargo or surplus inventory. Other companies need more warehouse space to widen the aisles for social Distancing. In both cases, one of our temporary storage halls can be the answer: Quick to install, made to measure, and easy to scale up and down. 

  • Sports clubs and venues

Fewer athletes per dressing room, fewer people in the cafeteria, fewer people in the stands… We can quickly expand your dressing room and cafe, so that you can start the new season well prepared. 

  • Catering / amusement parks / recreation

When the recreation and event venues reopen, they will continue to be confronted with the rules surrounding (and the desire for) social Distancing. Do you still have some outdoor space available? We can expand your establishment quickly, efficiently, and meet all of your specifications so that you can get more visitors in the safest way possible. 

  • Events / fairs

Many events will return in a scaled-down form or will simply need more space to allow visitors to keep their distance from each other. Our space solutions can help you with this. 

Modular construction, turnkey delivery

All of our temporary structures are modular, which means they can be tailor-made to your exact specifications. In addition to this, all of our temporary buildings can be easily scaled up and down, to grow or shrink along with your needs. They can be delivered turnkey with add-ons like electricity, lighting, sanitary facilities, upholstery, and climate control. 

As one of the largest global suppliers of rapidly deployable temporary structures, Losberger De Boer is ready to support the business world following the Coronavirus outbreak. Within a few hours, we can start building extra space you need.

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