intelligent thermal scanning

Creating a safe event venue

When hosting events in the new normal, preventing corona-infected people from entering is key. As part of a broad package of measures designed to make hosting large scale events possible in the near future, Losberger De Boer introduces thermal scanning technology in its event structures. 

Not everybody that is infected with the Covid-19 virus, is acutely aware of this. A large portion of these people can, however, unknowingly transmit the disease to others. To prevent the risk of another large scale outbreak, all people entering event venues must be corona-free. 

Intelligent thermal camera’s

One of the ways Losberger De Boer can guarantee corona-free events in the near future, is by using intelligent thermal cameras. These cameras can check flows of people for elevated body temperatures quickly and accurately, detecting people with fever-like symptoms and preventing them from spreading the disease further. 

The contactless thermal cameras that we intend to use, are designed by one of our trusted partners and can measure the heat signature of up to three people per minute with a maximum deviation of ± 0.3°C. Thanks to the integrated intelligent face recognition function, external heat sources (such as hot beverages) do not lead to measurement errors.

Continuous temperature control forms the basis for further preventive measures and at the same time creates a greater sense of security for all those involved. 

Thermal scanning at events

The introduction of thermal scanning is one of the many measures Losberger De Boer is taking to guarantee the safety of everyone involved in large scale events. The event venue of the Corona age will have multiple access points, that allow for a steady influx of visitors. For this purpose, we have designed specific access structures, in which people can enter safer (but not slower) and at 1.5 meters distance from each other. 

It is in these access points that scanning will be most efficient; visitors will be scanned while going trough the entrance process, so they don’t need to wait to be scanned. People with fever-like symptoms will be detected and sent home, with the advice to contact their doctor and place themselves in quarantine. 

There is a lot more to this than thermal scanning

Please note that there is a lot more to tell about these tailor-made points of access and the way they function in the events of the corona age, but we will disclose this information at another time, so please subscribe to our updates. And rest assured, thermal scanning is not the only measure that we will take to prevent infected people from entering the building. Again: this is part of a broad pallet of measures and innovations, some of which are ready, and some of which are being developed while you read this. So follow our progress (we will send out frequent updates) to get the complete picture.

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