Information and merchandising stands

Inviting and striking

You want your products to be presented in a fresh and unique way. Everything has to be right. De Boer offers a range of small to large merchandising and information stands which can be altered to completely suit your own needs.

Appearance It is important that your venue has the same style as your company, brand or campaign. We can fit out the structures with your company branding to put it in the spotlight.
Customer loyalty By giving your guests a warm welcome and leaving them with a lasting impression, your event will help to optimise their experience and ensure their loyalty.
Distinctiveness You want your event to be distinct from other events. This can be achieved by creating a unique venue.

The appearance of your stand determines whether visitors pass by or stop to ask for information and, ultimately, how many customers you attract. That is why De Boer offers you a selection of stands in all shapes and sizes. The stands have a modular design and can be joined together, allowing you to expand as much as you like.

Wide product range

No two events are the same. You want your event to set you apart, stand out and WOW your visitors. That’s why we offer a selection of over 80 different product types with a wide selection of walls, doors, roofs, floors and stairs.

Facility services

To make it easy for you, we also offer supplementary facility services, such as lighting, heating, cooling and interior furnishing. De Boer’s products and ancillary services will give your temporary venue the layout and look you require.

Turn-key project management

Take advantage of De Boer’s full-service project services and we’ll do the rest. Tell us what you want and we’ll deliver a turn-key solution. We can deal with everything which will allow you to focus on other important business. 


Whether the structures are being erected on your own site or elsewhere, safety is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we use wind and fire-resistant materials as well as making sure that the construction and anchoring meet all relevant safety requirements.

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