Pink Galaxy provides perfect setting for MoonWalk London


MoonWalk London

The participants of the MoonWalk London have raised over 3.8 million euros (£ 3.4 m.) this year for breast cancer causes in the UK.

The MoonWalk is an event from Walk the Walk in Action Limited, that during its lifetime, has collected over 128 million pounds for breast cancer causes, such as large scale medical research and small local initiatives. Thousands of people walked through the streets of London in a joyous, festive and predominantly pink parade, wearing bras.

At the event site, Losberger De Boer erected its enormous Pink Galaxy, to accommodate all the participants after the walk. “Such a lovely setting, it’s absolutely perfect”, says Nina Barough CBE, founder and CEO. “The people at Losberger De Boer are very professional, and they bend over backwards to help you. I can’t imagine holding an event like this without them.”

The Pink Galaxy – a stage fit for stars
For any event where you’re putting on a show and need to accommodate thousands of people, Losberger De Boer’s Galaxy is ideal. With a width of 60 meters and lengths of 107 meters and 152 meters respectively, this structure can hold between 10,000 and 15,000 guests. The king poles supporting the roof provide a height of over 20 meters, which creates an area with subliminal lighting possibilities and fantastic acoustics. The inside is tranquil and can be completely dark, so lighting effects can work their magic.

More information on the MoonWalk and Walk the Walk:

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