Losberger De Boer Ice Rinks ‘best in the UK’


Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink

The Ice Rinks at Somerset House in London and the Royal Pavilion in Brighton are the best ice rinks in the UK, according to The Express. Both rinks use Losberger De Boer structures and rink bases.

The Royal Pavilion opened its doors to skaters at the beginning of November. Losberger De Boer built the accommodation for the tenth successive year, which features color-changing surroundings and festive sparkling lights. To celebrate this, the Royal Pavilion hosted a skate-a-thon, with all proceeds going towards the planting of thousands of trees for the Sussex Wildlife trust. Losberger De Boer teamed up with the Events Team from Goodwood to take part in the fundraising effort. For more information, please visit

The number 1 ice rink in the UK; Somerset House in London, has also returned several weeks ago. Losberger De Boer has built this structure, dubbed ‘London’s most beautiful ice rink’, for the 20th year in succession. The accommodation is part of a complete ‘winter oasis-setting’ at the Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court. For more information, please visit


1000 m2 of scalable warehousing space in six days


Storage Hall for Werner Mitsch

When Werner Mitsch GmbH needed additional storage space, she turned to Losberger De Boer to deliver a fully functional warehouse with 1000 m2 of storage area. 

The family business Werner Mitsch GmbH, founded in 1971, established itself in the metal sheet forming business through comprehensive knowledge. Customers of the Swabian company value the high economic value of the produced goods. That includes samples, individual and serial manufacturing or even the development of entire components and complete solutions. Until now, the company has had around 5.000m² (~55.000ft²) of production and warehousing space.

Precision and economic reliability is a highly valued factor in the metal sheet forming business and partners and suppliers are held to the same high standards. As Losberger De Boer is a certified ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 company, the specialist in modular space solutions has already worked with Werner Mitsch in the past.

In 2019, Mitsch sought to enlarge its warehousing space. To accommodate its long-standing partner, Losberger De Boer set up an industrial hall with 1.000m² (~11.000ft²) of storage area. The new building was equipped with two sectional roller shutters and glass panels on all sides. Thus, on all sides, meaning workers benefit from a maximum amount of daylight. Furthermore, three smoke exhausts were placed in the depot for fire protection reasons. Trapezoidal plates on the walls and within the roof provide additional stability.

A fast and reliable solution to production peaks
Whenever a quick reaction to market developments is required, detachable industrial halls by Losberger De Boer can be used to increase productivity almost overnight. In the end, flexibility plays a big role in economic success. After a short assembly time and with all possible options for rapidly scaling up and down made available, Werner Mitsch GmbH has had its new warehouse handed over after a construction period of only six days.

Neue Lagerhalle für Mitsch Blechbearbeitung - Kurzfristig, flexibel und wirtschaftlich


Storage Hall for Werner Mitsch

Seit 1971 zeichnet sich das Familienunternehmen Werner Mitsch GmbH durch umfassendes Know-how in der Blechbearbeitung aus. Die Kunden des schwäbischen Familienunternehmens, welches bereits in 2. Generation geführt wird, profitieren von höchster Wirtschaftlichkeit, ganz gleich ob es um die Produktion von Mustern, Einzel- und Serienfertigungen oder um die Entwicklung ganzer Baugruppen und Komplettlösungen geht.

Für die termingerechte und wirtschaftliche Bearbeitung von Blechen standen dem schwäbischen Mittelständer bisher über ca. 5.000 m² Produktions- und Lagerfläche zur Verfügung.

Erweiterung der Kapazitäten am Standort Heilbronn
Wenn Präzision in der Blechbearbeitung und Wirtschaftlichkeit einen so hohen Stellenwert einnehmen, gilt dies auch für die Auswahl der Zulieferer und Partner. Losberger De Boer, der nach VCA**, ISO 9001-2015 und ISO 140 01-2015 zertifizierte Spezialist für modulare Industriehallen hat bereits in der Vergangenheit mit Werner Mitsch zusammengearbeitet. 2019 wurde nun auf Wunsch des Blechbearbeitungsspezialisten eine neue Alu-Halle mit 1.000 m² Lagerfläche errichtet. Die neue Halle wurde mit zwei Sektionaltoren ausgestattet und verfügt an allen Seiten über Lichtbänder, so dass so viel Tageslicht wie möglich in der Halle genutzt werde kann. Darüber hinaus wurden drei Rauchwärmeabzüge in die Immobilie integriert. Trapezbleche an den Wänden und im Dach sorgen für zusätzliche Stabilität. 

Kurzfristig auf Entwicklungen am Markt reagieren
Immer dann, wenn die Auftragslage in einem Unternehmen eine schnelle Reaktion auf die Entwicklungen am Markt erfordert, erhöhen demontierbare Industriehallen von Losberger De Boer die Produktivität. Schließlich ist Flexibilität ein wichtiges Merkmal für wirtschaftlichen Erfolg. Kurzfristig montiert und jederzeit flexibel erweiterbar, wurden der Blechbearbeitung Werner Mitsch GmbH die neuen Lagerflächen nach einer Bauzeit von nur sechs Werktagen schlüsselfertig zur Verfügung gestellt.

Building a baroque castle in 72 hours


Temporary structure with chateau facade

Using a temporary structure from Losberger De Boer as foundation, our valued partner Alta Expo managed to build a stunning historic event location which took the guests of an exclusive party all the way back to the 17th century.

Working together with event agency BN GROUP, Alta Expo created the unique ‘Chateau Nicolas’ in the style of recognizable memorials from all around the world using a Losberger De Boer uniflex structure. The event was held on site of a golf club in Kozyn, 30km from Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

Experience the 17th century
The main goal of this project was to erect a castle-like temporary building, as well as to create an authentic design that would surprise the guests and also encourage them to immerse themselves in a realistic 17th-century experience. Therefore, the project involved the work of many specialists like electricians, decorators, artists and make- up artists allowing them to achieve a breathtaking imagery and mood.

As a result, BN Group and Alta Expo recreated a temporary structure with the façade architecture of the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, the interior design of the Mirror Gallery of the Palace of Versailles, the ceiling decoration in the style of the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel and the backyard of the Mirror Square in Bordeaux.

Building a castle in 72 hours
“This extraordinary project proved to be a specific challenge that could only be met by using Losberger De Boer’s uniflex system” says project manager Irina Dusheiko the logistical challenges of this highly customized project. Looking into details, the tent builders on-site faced uneven ground with differences in height of 1.20m. Moreover, the construction team worked within a tight schedule of 72 hours to deliver a turn-key event location, while fighting unexpected rain that lasted 24 hours.

To sum up, Alta Expo used a 21x10m Losberger De Boer uniflex that was long in width, narrow in depths and high in ridge, so guests could perfectly watch the music and dance show happening in the pool and on stage.

“We would like to congratulate Alta Expo on realizing this remarkable project”, says Joachim Brand, Area Sales Manager at Losberger De Boer. “With this structure, they took the guests on a historical journey, which I’m sure they will remember for a long time.”

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