Innovative paint booth for French jet fighters

14/10/2020 | Share

Rafale Cabine Peinture

General Air Force General Bruno Maigret, commander of the French strategic air forces, inaugurated on Thursday, August 27, 2020, at Air Force Base 113 in Saint-Dizier, an innovative structure dedicated to painting aircraft, in the presence of all the parties who contributed to this project.

This modular structure, equipped with reversible air conditioning, dryers, a respite heating system and an air filtration system, will allow the Rafale jet fighters to be painted under ideal conditions (and in compliance with environmental regulations) all year round.

This is a first for Air Force supplier Losberger De Boer, who created this paint booth from a P16 modular shelter by incorporating an adjustable and mobile horizontal wind tunnel system from the lines of paint of airliners. This innovation will ensure the optimal and safe application of aeronautical paint.

Protective paint
As more flights are being carried out, the protective paint of the aircraft deteriorates and needs to be renewed. This new structure will allow the 4th Fighter Wing to continue to honour the service contract and mission entrusted to its Rafale fleet, with an expanded paint capability, with respect for the environment.

The design and implementation of this project was made possible within a short period of time, thanks to the responsiveness of the stakeholders who worked together and enabled the success of this ingenious project: Air base 113, the infrastructure department of the defence base and Losberger De Boer, in coordination with the operational units and staffs concerned.

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