170 tonnes of waste in a flexible storage and transfer station

26/06/2020 | Share

Op- en overslagstation van Sortiva in Alkmaar, maatwerkoplossing

Dutch waste processing company Sortiva recently opted for an innovative, tailor-made solution for the transshipment of private and PMD waste in Alkmaar. Each week, it stores approximately 170 tonnes of waste in a Losberger De Boer storage shelter.

To comply with environmental laws and to avoid polluting the surrounding area, this type of waste needs to be stored under a roof at all times.

The design of the structure has been tailored to Sortiva's site and its plans for the future. For example, the roof was placed on 4-meter-high steel retaining walls, which have been weighted to serve as anchoring. As a result, the shelter is easy to move or extend, something that would have been impossible with a regular foundation.

 The shelter’s roof contains translucent PVC so that employees can work in daylight conditions. The use of this type of PVC also offers extra safety as it melts away in the event of a fire, allowing smoke to escape and preventing the temperature from rising further. 

"We have also opted for a customized space solution from Losberger De Boer because of the possibility of moving the entire station around," says John van der Kolk, Project Coordinator at Sortiva. "In the long term, this transfer shelter will move to a different location on the site.” Because Losberger De Boer structures are modular by design, they can be tailor-made, and are relatively easy to scale up and down and even move around. 

Every week, under the canopy, Sortiva stores about 20 tonnes of private waste and about 150 tonnes of PMD (plastic, metal, and drink cartons). This is the second transfer station that Losberger De Boer has built for Sortiva. In 2019, another waste storage building was taken into use on the Sortiva site in Vijfhuizen, near Amsterdam.

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