Festive eye-catcher

Integrate the outside with the inside. The Sunstar is a convenient and attractive hexagonal pavilion with a distinctive pagoda roof.

Festive appearance The sloping, pointed roof gives your event a festive feel and makes your location unique.
Hexagonal A hexagonal shape is out of the ordinary and gives your event a unique look.
Open effect By drawing open the side curtains the structure becomes more accessible, making it perfect for summer events.

Specifications and possibilities

Side view

Gala, Sunstar, Cocktail, Acropolis




25 m2

Internal free side height



  • White opaque roof cover
  • Transparent roof cover
  • Cassette floor
  • Plate floor
  • Push bar doors
  • Emergency door
  • PVC side curtains
  • PVC side curtains with arched windows
  • Vertical PVC side panels
  • Vertical glass side panels


The Sunstar has a hexagonal floor plan with a surface area ranging from 25 m2 to 65 m2. The structure does not have any obstructive supports, so you can make optimal use of the space. The tent is fitted with decorative PVC arched windows that give it a little extra lustre. If desired, we can instal a non-slip wooden floor system. This, of course, makes it suitable for dancing.

Unlimited connections

The Sunstar is a free-standing structure without tension ropes or a central post, allowing optimal use to be made of the space. The tent can also be connected to other De Boer structures to create a festive village, completely dedicated to your event. Thanks to its sturdy, aluminium frame and the various options it offers, the Sunstar can be used for all kinds of purposes: from fairs and wedding receptions to garden parties and culinary events.

Sunstar, in brief:

  • Hexagonal floor plan of 25 m²
  • Pagoda roof
  • Optional: non-slip floor system
  • Suitable for hospitality functions, product presentations, fairs, etc.


Taking care of everything

It takes lot of time and attention to build a temporary structure. That’s why at De Boer we take as many concerns off your hands as possible. If so desired, we offer turn-key solutions. From the planning application and construction to the interior layout, we can advise and assist you in the entire process. We work with highly regarded partners in such areas as sanitary units, climate systems and furniture, so you can be assured of quality. And because we are your point of contact for all concerns, you don’t have to deal with arranging these issues yourself. This allows you to focus on your own important business.

Safety and quality

Your safety is our concern, which is why we use fire-resistant materials and make sure that the anchoring and construction is secure. Our structures and processes meet the strictest standards: EN NEN 13782, ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC**.

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A lot of options are available regarding roofs, floors, doors, windows and walls.

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