Business Space components

De Boer’s structures consist of various components. Not only does every structure have its own frame, it also often offers many options with respect to components like floors, roofs, side walls and doors. Review the various possibilities with your project manager and put together the perfect business location.


You can choose whether to have a floor or floor components installed in your temporary accommodation. This allows you to level off uneven ground so that work can proceed unhindered. Discuss all the floor options with your project manager, including whether to install a basic floor or a weighted floor.



Most of De Boer’s structures come fitted with white roof covers. In some cases, such as when you want to store perishable goods or conduct other activities which require optimal insulation, you can also select a roof with hard panels. Discuss the possibilities with your project manager.


Side walls

Our temporary business spaces come with hard side panels or plates. This ensures that your temporary business location is well insulated and sturdy, so you can always continue working and not be affected by cold winter weather.

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Depending on the structure, there are various options with respect to installing doors. For instance, every structure comes with a single push-bar door, but you can also choose to have double doors or overhead doors installed. It is also no problem for us to outfit the accommodation with emergency doors. Your project manager would be happy to tell you about all the possibilities.