Social distancing at work – temporarily expand your office space

12/05/2020 | Share

Anova tent structure used as temporary high-end office space

Social distancing is one of the most important measures in the fight against a further outbreak of COVID-19. Therefore, people are obliged to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters between each other and reduce physical interaction to an absolute minimum. This change of habits has a great impact on people’s social and working lives. However, many companies are facing the current situation without having the capacity and experience to deal with the implementation of required measures on their own.

Temporary space for a safe office environment
Now that social distancing is mandatory, companies must take necessary actions to create a safe office environment on site. This not only includes the distance between employee desks but also the available space for employees to walk within the overall building. Reaching their limits of capacity, companies are forced to temporarily expand their office space in order to secure the safety of their people.

Our quick-to-build structures allow you to create additional space within your venue itself. In practice this is feasible by installing enclosed office, conference, or dining rooms either in existing buildings – according to our hall in hall concept – or as stand-alone space solutions. Lifting functions to a second level with our mezzanine system doubles the floorspace for different purposes. A third option is connecting temporary structures to your current building.

Office space – spread workplaces over the campus
Working in a 1.5-meters economy differs from what we are used to. Rooms may contain a smaller number of employees and places with heavy passenger traffic must be obviated. Both are possible by using temporary space solutions. Our flexible office structures allow companies to distribute their people over their entire site, utilizing any extra space you might have available, from parking lots to lawns or storage areas.

All our structures are modular, which means they can be built quickly (within days), can be tailor-made to maximize the space you have available, and can be scaled up and down easily, to continue to meet your space requirements in these changing times.

Conference and meeting rooms
Even in times of the Corona crisis people prefer to meet colleagues face-to-face if possible to efficiently discuss their work tasks. This forces companies to provide their employees with conference and meeting facilities that are in line with the generally applicable safety guidelines. Our temporary office spaces can help you get the extra room you need. 

Canteens and break rooms
Losberger De Boer offers a wide range of rapidly deployable structures that meet your individual needs for additional space. For instance, our tailor-made space solutions can function as an extension to your company’s dining area. Please find more information about our canteen and break room solutions here.

The ‘look and feel’ of a permanent building
All of our high-quality space solutions can be equipped with additional facilities such as electricity, heating, climate control, lighting, and sanitary units to create a pleasant atmosphere for your employees. Just tell us your needs and we’ll take it from here. We have all the experience needed to help you adapt to the new reality of social distancing at work.

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