Recap: a ready-to-use airport terminal built in 8 weeks

10/11/2020 | Share

Berlin Tegel Airport Terminal C

Now that the last ever flight from Berlin’s Tegel Airport has departed, we look back at one of our favourite projects, in which we supplied the airport with a ready-to-use passenger terminal in 8 weeks time.⠀

On Sunday November 8th, the last passenger flight left the airport, with Paris as its destination. The airport has become redundant, now that the Brandenburger Airport is completed. Construction of the new facility took 9 years longer than scheduled, meaning Tegel Airport was used heavily for much longer than anticipated.⠀

As a result, Tegel Airport needed additional capacity in 2011, to keep up with growing passenger capacity demands. We extended the existing Terminal C by 1200 m2, using our maxiflex structure with a curved Arcum roof.⠀

Ready-to-use-terminal within 9 weeks
Thanks to a combination of tight planning, excellent (if we may say so) project management and hard work, we were able to supply the airport with 6 more gates (C80-85) for passenger handling within 8 weeks, from order to opening!⠀

We are proud of this project because of the rapid delivery, and the fact that Terminal C has been in use until last Sunday. Not for the first time, one of our ‘temporary’ space solution turned out to be a permanent one.⠀

So it is with fond memories that we say goodbye to Berlin Tegel Airport and Terminal C.

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