Getting the job done with tailor made production space

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Getting the job done with tailor made production space

When Terberg Matec Belgium needed extra production space to accommodate a sharp rise in demand, they turned to Losberger De Boer.

Terberg Matec Belgium is located in Genk and is a subsidary of the multinational Terberg RosRoca Group. The company is getting ready to launch its innovative Ecollect zero emission RCV fleet.

Temporary production space needed
Within ten weeks time, Terberg Matec needed to upgrade a large number of regular trucks to Ecollect vehicles. This meant that extra production space was needed. The company opted for a tailor made space solution from Losberger De Boer.

Within six hours after arriving, the Losberger De Boer team had erected a 100 square meters large Maxiflex structure, with 5m40 high side wall panels and steel plate walls. One side was left open and was fitted with curtains, so the trucks could easily enter and exit the temporary workplace. “The client specifically chose Losberger De Boer, because we were able to offer them a tailor made solution”, says Sabri Zurel, jr. Account- and Marketing Manager at Losberger De Boer Belgium. “Terberg Matec needed enough space to work on multiple trucks at the same time, and it was important that the structure was high enough to accommodate large trucks.”

Successful delivery
Terberg Matec Belgium is happy with both the space solution and the way Losberger De Boer operated. “As we had hoped, the use of this temporary workspace meant that we were able to finish this project in time, with over thirty successful deliveries”, says Frank Reumers from Terberg Matec.

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