Delta Vista

Solid space, great views

Strong and impressive are the words that best describe the Delta Vista. This is a structure made of high-quality materials, with a stylish façade and transparent side wall panels that allow for panoramic views. And because it is possible to build the Delta Vista upwards as well as across, you can give the structure an extra spacious feel with extra floors or mezzanine levels. That means your guests can get a fantastic view.

Horizontal side panels The horizontal glass panels optimise the view of your event from within the structure.
Luxury The horizontal panels give the structure a luxurious appearance which enhances the experience of your visitors.
Clearspan A structure with a clearspan affords an unobstructed view of the interior and is easy to arrange without obstacles.

Specifications and possibilities

Side view



Modular squares - Delta


5 x 5m modules

Internal free side height

3.5m - 10m


  • White opaque roof cover
  • Transparent roof cover
  • Cassette floor
  • Plate floor
  • Push bar doors
  • Emergency door
  • Horizontal PVC side panels
  • Horizontal glass side panels
  • Sandwich side panels

The Delta Vista is the modern cousin of the Delta, one of our classic event tents. Both have ample façades of 5 metres in width, a standard interior height of 6 metres, a span of up to 50 metres and a column-free span of up to 30 metres. The Delta Vista features an impressive façade with horizontally placed solid or glass panels giving a high-quality appearance and the look of a permanent structure. Because you may want to install lighting and sound systems in the ceiling, we build the roof, covers and all, from the ground up. Then, depending on site access, we lift the entire structure using cranes or the specially-designed Delta lifting system. The total construction time can be anything from three to 10 days.

Why choose the Delta Vista for your event?

  • It's spacious. The large column-free space means it’s ideal for large-scale exhibitions. The modular set up enables easy expansion.
  • It's customisable. We design each Delta Vista we build individually to fit the event. You can keep it all open or split the space up into various rooms, breakout areas and social spaces.
  • It's fast. The total construction time can be anything from three to 10 days.
  • It's stylish. The high-quality appearance of the Delta Vista features an impressive façade with horizontally placed solid or glass panels
  • It's resilient. The spacious roof construction with built-in ventilation system means good insulation against noise and temperature fluctuations

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