Space for big ideas

A structure with a distinctive pointed space frame roof. A modular system which expands to any size you want. Recognisable to visitors, aesthetically pleasing and quick to assemble. We’re talking about the Delta.

This is a spacious temporary structure that you can use however you choose. It works brilliantly as an exhibition space, showroom, sporting pavilion or even an aircraft hangar. Tell us what it is you want to do and we’ll show you how Delta can help you achieve it.

Speed and flexibility Structures often have to be built and dismantled quickly. Ours are flexible and can be quickly scaled up or down.
Quality & safety Quality and safety are important aspects of your planning, which is why we use wind and fire-resistant materials and make sure that the anchoring is secure and only use materials that meet the strictest safety requirements.
Large clearspan A structure with a clearspan affords an unobstructed view of the interior and is easy to arrange without obstacles.

Specifications and possibilities

Side view



Modular squares - Delta


5 x 5 m modules

Internal free side height

3.5m - 10m


  • White opaque roof cover
  • Transparent roof cover
  • Cassette floor
  • Plate floor
  • Push bar doors
  • Emergency door
  • Sectional overhead door
  • Vertical PVC side panels
  • Vertical glass side panels
  • Sandwich side panels

The Delta is characterised by its modular construction and flexible roof system. It can be built to a height of anything from 3.5 to 10 metres. That opens up the possibility of adding extra floors or making the most of a high roof for a spectacular installation or exhibition. Inside Delta, there are no supports or columns to block views or movement and space can be split into smaller sections with multiple uses. The Delta comes with a suspended cassette floor and solid polycarbonate side wall panels as standard, but there are multiple other options. We can install horizontal Vista window panels, vertical clear or smoked glass panels, deluxe push-bar door systems and individual aluminium louvred vents.

Why choose the Delta for your event?

  • It's customisable.  We can customise windows, doors and floors to meet your requirements. 
  • It's spacious. The Delta can be single or double deck and inside the structure, there are no supports or columns to block views or movement.
  • It’s luxurious. Comfortable and well-appointed, the Delta has an unmistakably high-end feel
  • It's functional. The Delta can be used for a variety of events and be connected to other structures

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A lot of options are available regarding roofs, doors, floors, windows and walls.

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