A tent to remember

The Acropolis towers above the rest. Its hexagonal shape, pagoda roof and open character creates an eye-catching focal point for your project, marketing suite or business space. The Acropolis can be joined to other structures to create a truly impressive entrance area or used alone as a cosy space for receptions and meetings.

Luxury The horizontal panels give the structure a luxurious appearance which enhances the experience of your visitors.
Speed and flexibility Structures often have to be built and dismantled quickly. Ours are flexible and can be quickly scaled up or down.
Distinctiveness You want your event to be distinct from other events. This can be achieved by creating a unique venue.

Specifications and possibilities

Side view

Gala, Sunstar, Cocktail, Acropolis




100 m2

Internal free side height



  • White opaque roof cover
  • Transparent roof cover
  • Cassette floor
  • Plate floor
  • Push bar doors
  • Emergency door
  • PVC side curtains
  • PVC side curtains with arched windows
  • Vertical PVC side panels
  • Vertical glass side panels

The Acropolis exudes style. If you've seen enough bland corporate structures and need something different for your event, Acropolis fits the bill perfectly. The Acropolis is 12 metres across and has a surface area of 97 m2. The structure has no intrusive supports, so you can maximise your use of the space. The openness makes it easy for people to flow around the tent, while the space is small enough to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

The modular setup means that you can expand the footprint as much as you like, joining multiple Acropolis tents together to make a seamless whole. Used without walls, it’s ideal for drinks receptions and garden parties. It also provides a fantastic space for people to gather to eat and drink.

Why choose the Acropolis hexagonal tent for your event?

  • It’s unique. With its unusual shape, pagoda roof and sweeping lines, the Acropolis is a tent to remember. 
  • It’s adaptable. The Acropolis can be used in pretty much any way you choose. The only limit is your imagination.  
  • It’s fast. The Acropolis can be put up, taken down and added to very quickly. 
  • It’s spacious. A single Acropolis hexagonal tent measures 12 metres across, with a floor area of 97 square metres. It has no internal supports, so you can use the space inside to its fullest.

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