Tents as temporary auditoria

To increase school capacity

After the COVID-19 outbreak, almost all universities and other educational institutions have been mandated to close their doors for the remainder of the academic year. This leaves them with a big challenge: to allow students to catch up after losing an entire semester, while still welcoming a new group of students, starting their first year. 

Getting ready for next term – increasing school capacity

Right now, universities, colleges and other educational institutions are looking for ways to accommodate the students that missed a complete semester as well as the new batch of students starting their new year. Losberger De Boer offers schools a way to quickly expand their capacity during this peak in student attendance, by building temporary auditoria. The added capacity would allow you to host extra lessons and lectures, in order for students to catch up on their classes and work. 

Coronavirus outbreak – making room for social distancing

Our temporary lecture halls also provide universities with the space needed to allow for social distancing during lectures. By increasing capacity, students can sit further apart, which can help in preventing a new outbreak, while the virus is still active and a vaccine is being created. 

Over the last couple of weeks, social distancing has become mandatory and large parts of the world are in quarantine. It is highly likely that when the most extreme measures are withdrawn, the need for social distancing will remain, at least for the first months, because the virus will still be active and we cannot risk another massive spread. 

Even when social distancing isn’t mandatory anymore, the government and health organizations will probably still advise it and both students and school employees are likely to feel safer if they can maintain 1,5 meters distance from each other. This applies to classrooms and lecture halls, offices, meeting rooms and canteens or dining halls. 

Temporary school facilities that are tailor made, scalable and quick to build

The temporary auditoria by Losberger De Boer can be tailor made to best fit your campus as well as your needs. Our structures are modular by design, allowing for endless variations in size and setup. After the initial contact, we will sit down with you to discuss which solutions are best suited to your needs and can get the most out of the space you have available. 

We have extensive experience in providing highly customized space solutions and a have a proven track record on delivering upon our promises. In addition to this, we have experience with building auditoria, classrooms, office space and canteens. 

After installation, our structures can be scaled up and down easily, to continuously match your space requirements. Apart from adjusting the footprint, this allows you to change the purpose of the structure along with your current situation. We are convinced our structures offer you a viable and extremely flexible way of dealing with the current crisis. 

Another benefit to choosing our temporary buildings, is that they can be installed quickly. We can help you to significantly expand your available space within weeks after your first inquiry. 

Fully furnished auditoria with turnkey delivery 

As one of the largest global suppliers of modular temporary structures, Losberger De Boer is ready to help you make the most of next semester. For your convenience, we have selected two options that can be installed quickly and to your exact specifications. 

Please remember that these structures can be customized further to meet your every need. 

LDB Auditorium light

A quick-to-build structure designed according to the agreed upon measurements, which we will deliver turnkey with lighting and furniture.   

LDB Auditorium complete 

A high class, fully furnished and ready-to-use auditorium, designed according to the agreed upon measurements, which we will deliver turnkey, with the following facilities and equipment: 

  • Lighting
  • Furniture (seats, etc)
  • Cooling / heating / climate control
  • Carpet
  • Lining for roof and gable
  • Toilets
  • Audio / video tools

Both tents will always feature the following elements:

  • Flooring
  • Doors with ramps for increased accessibility
  • Cassette wall elements (isolated when necessary), 
  • Glass elements (for aesthetics and natural light, if desired)
  • Roof and gable with white pvc. 

As temporary buildings specialist, we can also supply you with additional office space, meeting rooms, dining halls and walkways. If we can help you deal with the current crisis in any way, please contact us. 

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