Temporary restaurant and canteen

Increase capacity while creating space for social distancing

Our businesses face many challenges following the COVID-19 outbreak, one of which is instrumental to both defeating the virus and restarting your company: to create enough space for social distancing without losing even more revenue.

For many companies, guaranteeing free space between all employees or customers in the dining area alone will prove difficult. Losberger De Boer offers you a way to quickly expand your dining hall capacity, allowing people to keep a 6 ft / 1,5 meter distance from each other and still enjoy their food and each other’s company.

Dining hall extension or stand-alone canteen

We can build an extension to your current dining hall, seamlessly connecting it to your current facility. We can also place an extra stand-alone canteen on your grounds, which can have a separate, appropriately wide entrance, or be connected to your main building by way of a temporary corridor.

Modular and quick-to-build

As a leading global supplier of temporary structures, we are ready to help you get back in business as soon and as safe, as possible. Our structures are engineered, designed, produced and built by specialists at Losberger De Boer in Germany and The Netherlands. Our buildings are modular by design, which means that they can be tailor-made to make maximum use of the space you have available. You can trust our experienced advisors to work with you, to create the best space solution possible.

Another benefit of modular construction by a premium partner, is that building can start on short term. If needed, your temporary canteen can be built within days of your initial inquiry.

After installation,  our structures can be scaled up and down easily to continuously match your space requirements  – another benefit of modular construction, They can also be adapted to serve other purposes (storage, meeting rooms, etc.). As your circumstances change over the next months and years, our structures will change with you.

Fully furnished and durable

All our structures can be fully furnished and equipped with facilities like heating, climate control, and sanitation. When properly maintained, they can be used for decades.

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