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Product Launches To Get Them Buzzing

The fabulous product you’ve spent months or years perfecting needs a launch to shout about. That means the right guests, on-point catering and spot-on timing. It also means a venue to remember. 

At Losberger De Boer, we provide a comprehensive service for your product launches, with a huge choice of customisable venues to choose from, both large and small. And there’s the option to choose for complete done-for-you project management - whatever your need, we can help.

Distinctiveness You want your event to be distinct from others. This can be achieved by creating a unique venue.
Wide product range No company is the same. That’s why we offer you a wide selection of product types with an assortment of walls, doors, roofs, floors and stairs.
Experience With a wealth of experience let us help you design your space.

Why choose Losberger De Boer for your Product Launch?

  • Customised Accommodation. We know that when you launch a product, you need an event space that works perfectly for your guests, your brand and your product. Perhaps you’d like to stage your launch in your building, with a temporary extension for extra space? Or spring a surprise with a venue somewhere new and different?

  • Wide product range. We offer a choice of over 80 different, completely customisable structures. Choose everything, from the roof to the floor, the walls to the windows and the stairs to the doors. For smaller launches, we can offer a single tructure for a friendly atmosphere, or join multiple tents together for something big and bold.

  • Every Detail Taken Care Of. We’ll match your venue to suit your style, and we can add your logo, colours and branding anywhere you choose. We’ll provide all the furnishings and make sure the lighting, heating and cooling are just right.

  • Done-For-You Project Management. We’ll manage everything you need for your event, from initial brief to take-down. All you’ll need to do is turn up and enjoy the launch.

  • Safety. Whether the structures are being erected on your own site or elsewhere, safety is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we use wind and fire-resistant materials as well as making sure that the construction and anchoring meet all relevant safety requirements.

  • Experience. With a wealth of experience let us help you design your space.

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