Modular Car Park

Enhance your business with additional parking space

When you need flexible, quick-to-build car parking space, modular car parks are ideal. They allow you to have exactly the space you want while keeping costs low and construction times short. Whether your requirements are for single deck or multi-storey, for client or staff use, your car park can generate valuable revenue so it makes sense to maximise available space. The innovative design and generous clearspan widths of our Modular Car Parks offer an enhanced and user-friendly experience too.

Turn-key project management Take advantage of De Boer’s full-service project services and we’ll do the rest. Tell us what you want and we’ll deliver a turn-key solution. We can deal with everything so that you can focus on other important business.
Quality & safety Quality and safety are important aspects of your event planning, which is why we use wind and fire-resistant materials and make sure that the anchoring is secure and only use materials that meet the strictest safety requirements.
Speed Speed is of the essence as far as your business is concerned. We can provide you with a quick-to-build solution so that you can concentrate on the work in hand.

Why choose a Losberger De Boer Modular Car Park?

  • Customisable. Because they’re modular, they can be almost any size you want. There’s the option to add multiple decks, giving you extra capacity in small spaces. Modular car parks come with simple foundations, so can be made to work on most surfaces.

  • Adaptable. Need a car park that works for large or heavy vehicles? No problem. Our modular car parks aren’t just for cars – they work for trucks and vans too.

  • Fast. Modular Car Parks can be rapidly deployed due to the off-site frame pre-fabrication of the structure

  • Turn-key service. Trust our expertise in recommending best layout and ramp configurations, ensuring that the most enhanced and user-friendly experience is delivered. However large or small your space, we can tailor the perfect solution for your needs.

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