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You want your event to be perfect – an event that stands out and makes a statement. You might already have a location, but no accommodation, or you want to be prepared for inclement weather.   That's where Losberger De Boer comes in. We create custom temporary event venues that will fit perfectly with your plans, guests and location.

We know that running events can be hectic, with multiple demands to juggle and demanding schedules to deal with. That’s why we’ll take venue design and construction completely off your hands with our done-for-you project management service. All you’ll need to do is invite your guests and enjoy.  


Clearspan A structure with a clearspan affords an unobstructed view of the interior and is easy to arrange without obstacles.
Experience / view During your sporting event, it is important that your spectators are able to view and experience the event unhindered.
Distinctiveness You want your event to be distinct from others. This can be achieved by creating a unique venue.

Why choose a Losberger De Boer Event Venue?

  • A tent for every event. Are you organising a corporate event or party, an exhibition or product launch? Thanks to our years of experience in the Events sector, we can provide all your needs. From ice rinks to hospitality units to large and small sporting events, we do it all.

  • Appearance. However large or small your event, you want it to be perfect down to the last detail and the appearance is an important aspect. Sleek and modern or colourful and extravagant: choose the structure and layout that best suit your requirements.

  • Flexible and fast. At Losberger De Boer, we understand the importance of flexibility and you can count on us if you have to expand or alter your facility. Our tents are often easy to link to existing buildings, allowing you to create a customised venue quickly. Equally, the dismantle is a rapid process.

  • Adaptable. All our temporary event venues can be used on almost any site. They can be adapted to suit a variety of weather and ground conditions, and come with heating or air-conditioning as needed. We’ll put them up and take them down in a matter of days.

  • Bespoke. Most of our venues come with multiple options for flooring, windows and walls, so you can adapt them to suit your style and your guests. If you’re not sure what you need or how you want to put it together, that’s no problem. We’ll provide all the advice and planning help you need to produce business-boosting events that get remembered.

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