Emergency response plan for distribution and storage centres

Stay Prepared

How would your business cope if your buildings became unusable?

Fires and floods happen, even to those who’ve taken every precaution. And when they do, the impact can be huge. You can lessen that impact by making careful plans that will keep you on-track and working, whatever the circumstances. We can help you make those plans. We provide flexible storage centres that are a vital part of any business-continuity strategy. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses to help them plan for emergencies and failures, kept them going, and seen them through to the other side. With the right plans in place, almost anything can be dealt with. Without them, the consequences for your business can be irreparable.

Turn-key delivery Thanks to partnerships with many reliable suppliers, we can furnish your venue with all the necessary services; after which, you will receive the key to your fully completed structures, ready for your event.
Laws, regulations and permits We provide structures with high walls and which are clear span so that they optimise the space available.
Speed Speed is of the essence as far as your business is concerned. We can provide you with a quick-to-build solution so that you can concentrate on the work in hand.

Extra space when you need it most
We provide a choice of temporary storage centres to suit your business. Having plans for emergency space in place means that if your normal premises become unusable, you’ll be able to temporarily relocate quickly, keep the business running and minimise any revenue loss.

We provide:

  • A choice of temporary structures that can be adapted to give you the same space and facilities as you usually have. 
  • Extra options such as insulation, industrial doors and adjustable height roofs. 
  • Fast installation to minimise downtime. 
  • Complete done-for-you project management.


The structures
Many of our temporary structures are suitable for use as storage centres. The most popular are:

  • Alu Hall - A simple, A-frame PVC structure with a choice of floors, that can be anything from 5 to 25 metres. Perfect for offices or small warehouses.
  • Jumbo Hall - A large space that can be used in a wide variety of ways, including as a conference or exhibition centre. From 30 to 50 metres.
  • Delta - A super-flexible office or warehouse space that comes in modules of 5 metres.

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