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Losberger De Boer work with you to create tailored temporary and semi-permanent restaurants and catering facilities to meet your business need. Whether you need a space while renovating an existing restaurant, need to create a new space catering for the staff in your business or are hosting a pop-up dining event, we have a structure that works for you.

Turn-key delivery Thanks to partnerships with many reliable suppliers, we can furnish your venue with all the necessary services; after which, you will receive the key to your fully completed structures, ready for your event.
Facility services To make it easy for you, we also offer supplementary facility services, such as lighting, heating, cooling and interior furnishing. De Boer’s products and supplementary services always give your temporary accommodation the layout and look you require.
Laws, regulations and permits We provide structures with high walls and which are clear span so that they optimise the space available.

Why choose a Losberger De Boer catering facility?

  • Appearance. However large or small your space, you want it to be perfect down to the last detail. Choose the structure and layout that best suit your business requirements.

  • Wide product range. Thanks to our years of experience, we have multiple structures that can be adapted to provide a bespoke solution to match all your needs.

  • Facility services. To make organising our facility easy, we offer supplementary services, such as lighting, heating, cooling aswell as cooking units, cleaning units and sanitary facilities giving you the layout, services and look you require.

  • Flexible and Fast. At Losberger De Boer, we understand the importance of flexibility and you can count on us if you have to expand or alter your facility. Our structures are often easy to link to existing buildings, allowing you to create a customised venue quickly. Equally, the dismantle is a quick and easy process.

  • Clearspan. A structure with a clearspan means and unobstructed and uninterrupted view of the interior and is easy to arrange without obstacles.

  • Safety. Whether the structures are being erected on your own site or elsewhere, safety is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we use wind and fire-resistant materials as well as making sure that the construction and anchoring meet all relevant safety requirements.


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