Business Continuity and Emergency Response

Prepared For Anything

Fires and floods happen, even to those who’ve taken every precaution. And when they do, the impact can be huge. You can lessen that impact by making careful plans that will keep you on-track and working, whatever the circumstances. We can help you make those plans. We provide flexible storage centres that are a vital part of any business-continuity strategy. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses to help them plan for emergencies and failures, kept them going, and seen them through to the other side.

Turn-key project management Take advantage of De Boer’s full-service project services and we’ll do the rest. Tell us what you want and we’ll deliver a turn-key solution. We can deal with everything so that you can focus on other important business.
Laws, regulations and permits We provide structures with high walls and which are clear span so that they optimise the space available.
Speed Speed is of the essence as far as your business is concerned. We can provide you with a quick-to-build solution so that you can concentrate on the work in hand.

Why choose Losberger De Boer for Emergency Response and Business Continuity?

  • Fast - We provide a choice of temporary storage centres to suit your business. Having plans for emergency space in place means that if your normal premises become unusable, you’ll be able to temporarily relocate quickly, keep the business running and minimise any revenue loss.

  • Wide Product Range - With over multiple products to choose from in a range of shapes and sizes, we can provide bespoke solution to match your need.

  • Facility Services - To make organising your facility easy we offer supplementary services, such as lighting, climate control and interior furnishing giving you the layout and look you require.

  • Safety -  Whether the structures are being erected on your own site or elsewhere, safety is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we use wind and fire-resistant materials as well as making sure that the construction and anchoring meet all relevant safety requirements.

  • Turn-Key Service -  The construction of a temporary structure may require permits and consents. Our project and account managers are experienced with respect to permits and the planning application process, which means you will receive good advice and support during such a process.


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