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Losberger De Boer’s structures consist of various components. Not only does every structure have its own frame, it also often offers many options with respect to components like floors, roofs, side walls and doors. Review the various possibilities with your project manager and put together the perfect accommodation.


It is possible to install a floor in nearly all of our structures. You can choose whether to have a floor or floor components installed in your temporary accommodation. This gives you various options for making your accommodation complete and, for instance, giving it a flat surface. Discuss all the floor options with your project manager, including whether to install a basic floor or a weighted floor.



Most of Losberger De Boer’s structures come fitted with white roof covers. However, you can also choose transparent roof covers, which let in natural light to create a pleasant atmosphere and incorporate the surroundings. In many cases, it is also possible to install coloured roof covers. Discuss all the roof options available with your project manager.


Side walls

Our structures come with hard side panels, (glass) vista side panels or side curtains/covers, with or without arched windows. Various structures offer even more possibilities, allowing you to create a customised accommodation. In addition, a number of structures provide the possibility of putting your logo on the side wall panels. This way the accommodation fits in seamlessly with your corporate design. 




Depending on the structure, there are various options with respect to installing doors. For instance, many structures can be equipped with single doors, revolving doors, double glass doors or even overhead doors. Emergency doors can also be installed. Your project manager would be happy to provide you with more assistance.