Environmental policy Losberger De Boer Structures

Losberger De Boer is committed to being an environmental leader in its industry and introduced an environmental policy in 2010. In January 2011 we were the first in our branch to introduce an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 (certificate number 570613).

It is our policy to conduct business in a manner that minimises impact on the environment, to strive for elimination of pollution, to show social responsibility, to develop sustainable solutions and to ensure continuous improvement.

This is achieved by our commitment to:

  • Operate and maintain environmental management system in line with ISO 14001:2004
  • Set environmental goals and monitor their progress
  • Periodically review policy, objectives and targets
  • Comply with applicable regulations, standards and laws
  • Conserve natural resources by using materials and energy efficiently
  • Avoid and minimise use of harmful materials
  • Minimise emissions and reduce waste
  • Increase reuse and recycling
  • Implement pollution prevention systems
  • Create awareness with employees, partners, suppliers, clients and public
  • Provide relevant training and knowledge to employees
  • Provide access to information on policies, goals and results on the environmental performance of the company
  • Adopt pro-active attitude in anticipating future regulatory requirements
  • Making the environmental programs an integral part of current and changing business strategies