Losberger De Boer build large-scale vaccination centres

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Losberger De Boer build large-scale vaccination centres

Losberger De Boer has thus far designed and built 8 European Covid-19 Vaccination Centres working with both the German and Dutch governments across Europe. The UK arm of our company is located in Brackley; has a blueprint ready for a short-term, mass roll-out in the United Kingdom. Losberger De Boer, is a turnkey business that has sufficient materials and manpower to supply and build large scale adaptable facilities at any location to any specification fast.

‘’This week, Losberger De Boer handed over the 8th centre in the South West of the Netherlands. Some centres have capacity for 2000 people to be vaccinated each day and will be in use 6 to 12 months.’’ Mical de Boer, Managing Director - Losberger De Boer UK Ltd.

Vaccinating in a socially distanced, comfortable, clean and completely ventilated space 

Our vaccination centres are designed to facilitate a large flow of vaccinations safely; equipped with an innovate ventilation system, increasing the influx of clean fresh air, an important feature under Covid secure guidelines. In addition to this, our centres are designed to ensure a fast flow and sufficient distance between visitors and medical professionals; in combination with the ventilation system, our structures facilitate an extremely low contamination risk.

Safe working environment for care workers 

Designed by Losberger De Boer engineers, in close collaboration with healthcare professionals our vaccination centres are designed to allow more people to be vaccinated safely, for longer periods of time. They also provide an excellent and safe workplace for the professionals who carry out the vaccinations.

Sufficient material for rapid roll-out

Losberger De Boer, based in Brackley, Northamptonshire is one of the largest providers of modular buildings in the UK.

"We have sufficient materials and manpower available to deliver vaccination centres on a large-scale; and, can adjust the size and capacity to suit the location or local conditions; therefore our company is ready for further roll-outs, as commissioned says De Boer".

Losberger De Boer has been a key supplier during the pandemic in the UK, by adapting its structures to support healthcare systems; its' buildings have been used as triage centres, emergency hospitals and test sites; because the centres consists of modular building structures these can be adapted to each location. 

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