Losberger De Boer delivers bespoke turn-key temporary structures for event and business use at any location

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Do you need temporary space for your event venue or location? View our solutions for events space here.



Do you need extra space for your business? For example a warehouse or business continuity location? Perhaps your restaurant, store or showroom needs to be expanded temporarily? If so, view our commercial space solutions here.

Metallic Frame Structure

Rapid Deployment Space

Are you in need of an emergency space solution? Whether you need an emergency hospital, shelter or fully equipped hangar, we can provide you with the best possible short term space solution.



Losberger De Boer build large-scale vaccination centres


St Albans School

Extra space for the 1.5 meter / 6 feet economy

Keeping your distance in the office, dining hall, workshop or at school, how does that work? And what can do to ensure that we can once again visit our loved ones in retirement and nursery homes? Losberger De Boer has a range of quick-to-build solutions to provide you with the space you need to run your business in the ‘6 feet economy’.

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Game of Thrones Premiere

When Barnsley Council started to look at the process of creating a temporary market area, it became apparent that specialist skills would be required to overcome the challenges created by the site.   De Boer has been instrumental in providing the most efficient solution to keep the May Day Green Market, a vital part of our community, fully operational during this time of potential upheaval.


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