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Preserving Britain's historic aircraft


Brooklands Museum.jpeg

De Boer, the semi-permanent structure specialist, has recently delivered two bespoke temporary hangars for Brooklands Museum, as part of their ‘Re-engineering Brooklands’ project.

Following a £5 million Heritage Lottery Fund grant, Brooklands Museum is undertaking the largest ever development of its historic site, an £8 million project including the refurbishment and relocation of its WWII Bellman Hangar, home of a Vickers Wellington bomber and Vimy bi-plane.

Whilst the Bellman Hangar is being restored, the De Boer team has provided over 800 square metres of exhibition space, especially designed and modified to preserve Brooklands Museum’s precious aircraft.

Robert Alvarez, De Boer’s Sales Director – Commercial, commented on the project:

“De Boer has a long-standing relationship with the Brooklands Museum site, having built the London Bus Museum building in 2011 which houses the largest private sector collection of London buses in the world.  The team were honoured to play their part in the ‘Re-engineering Brooklands’ project, inspiring future generations of motoring and aviation engineers.”

Conserving Britain’s aviation history

For the Vickers Vimy, a replica of the original 1919 heavy bomber, De Boer used its innovative Induro structure to create a new standalone exhibition space – the first time the Induro has been used in the UK.  Usually used for industrial purposes, the Induro has an especially tall 6m apex, creating the perfect height and space for the Vimy, which will be housed in its new hangar for the next three years. 

De Boer also specially modified its structure to include insulated wall panels and air blown roof sails, eliminating condensation and creating a controlled environment to ensure that the fabric-clad Vimy is preserved in perfect condition. 

It was vital that the Vimy could be easily removed from its new hangar to carry out essential maintenance on the plane, including periodic ‘engine runs’ – a popular visitor attraction. The Induro includes an adapted door that uses a heavy PVC fabric curtain, spanning 20 metres wide and 6.5 metres tall, which can be electrically raised to allow easy access to the exhibit.

Rehoming legendary aircraft

The Bellman Hanger was also home to one of only two surviving WWII Vickers Wellington bombers and a team of ten De Boer personnel constructed a 15 metre x 25 metre Delta structure over four days to house this legendary craft. Once the building was in place, the Wellington was gently coaxed from its current position to its new home – the first time the aircraft had been moved in over thirty years.  

With the Wellington in position, the De Boer team finished installing the outer cladding and completed the Delta’s gable ends.  The structure also had a specially reinforced floor to withstand the weight of the 8 tonne aircraft. 

Celebrating aviation heroes

Brooklands Museum Director and CEO Allan Winn says: 

“Refurbishing the Bellman Hangar is a central part of the ‘Re-engineering Brooklands’ project and ensuring that our important exhibits, particularly the Wellington and the Vimy, had suitable secure temporary  homes, was key to the success of our renovation plans. The exhibition areas created by the De Boer team have provided fantastic spaces for staff and visitors to admire and marvel at these aviation icons.”    



Dubai Great Pavilion 2014.png

The temporary and semi-permanent structure specialist; De Boer, has launched a new online customer project portal: – believed to be the first of its kind in the events industry.

The platform is tailor-made for the complex projects handled by De Boer and will allow project managers to share information and documents, such as blueprints, quotations, contracts, invoices and planning paperwork, with clients and suppliers. uses state-of-the-art Dropbox Business technology to allow users to collaborate and share files.  Onno Koole, Marketing Director at De Boer Structures, commented:

“We all know the problem of having numerous documents in several versions circulating in our mailbox. At some point in complex projects, you just cannot see the wood for the trees anymore. We decided to create a convenient and manageable portal,, for our customers and employees, in collaboration with digital agency Jungle Minds and Dropbox."

Recent research conducted by Xing Events, revealed that three quarters of event organisers now achieve their project goals using digital solutions. De Boer’s new portal ensures that customers and employees can get fast and secure real time access to the latest project documents on any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone, regardless of time or location.

Chris Moojen, Dropbox Country Manager – Benelux and France, added:

“It is nice to see how De Boer used the Dropbox API to develop a personal, innovative portal for its customers and employees. We have noticed an increase in demand for our Dropbox Business System. De Boer takes the lead in the event industry. It is an effective way of sharing files in an easy and secure way and of facilitating fast cooperation opportunities for many companies. To date, 300,000 API’s have been made on Dropbox to date and we hope that the story of De Boer will inspire more companies.”

'One of London's most exciting theatre spaces'


Kings Cross temporary theatre structure.jpeg

The King’s Cross theatre complex, built by De Boer, includes a 995 seat theatre for the Bowie musical Lazarus, and a 450 seat auditorium, configured in-the-round, for the Donmar Shakespeare Season. 

John Cochrane, De Boer’s Sales Director – Events, commented on the build:

“The site at King’s Cross posed some interesting project challenges. We constructed the Lazarus theatre using our signature Alu Hall, in a 1500 square metre area, over a huge void that was eight metres deep.

“To maximise space, we erected all our structures on a scaffold grid over the void and due to the scaffold foundations, our tent builders had to assemble the Lazarus theatre using manpower alone, without the use of forklift trucks.”

To increase the internal space of the Donmar theatre, De Boer built the ever flexible Delta structure using an extra high six metre leg. The additional height allowed the team to incorporate a system of ground trusses used to suspend the lights and other important technical stage equipment.

The Lazarus musical and Donmar Shakespeare theatre join the successful Railway Children production which is also housed at King’s Cross site. The venue for the Railway Children was built by De Boer in 2015 on part of the same vacant building plot.

As well as the main stages, De Boer built the shared bar areas, dressing rooms and storage areas, building the entire complex in just twenty days. The computer-aided design team developed a sophisticated system of walkways to connect the theatres and entertainment spaces within the confined space.  

Oliver Royds, theatre producer and De Boer’s client on this project, commented: 

“Although I have worked closely with De Boer over the last two years, I was impressed with the commitment to detail that they showed toward our last venture: building two further temporary theatres on our existing site at King’s Cross in a very short period of time.

“The dynamic site team rose to the challenge on what was a difficult build process given the access restrictions that we were faced with. Ultimately, we have created a dynamic theatre space that I hope will re-energise and attract a new generation to the theatre and break the mould in terms of accessibility and excitement.”


Building a better Barnsley


Barnsley markets 2.png

De Boer, the semi-permanent structure specialist, has delivered the temporary market hall for the May Day Green Market in Barnsley, part of the Barnsley Council’s £57 million rejuvenation project.

The May Day Green Market will be temporarily rehomed in De Boer’s specially designed steel-framed structure for the next three years whilst the town centre is rebuilt.  In total De Boer provided nearly 2,600 square metres of space in a main town location previously occupied by the Central Offices, the home of the Borough Council, which was demolished earlier this year.

Robert Alvarez, De Boer’s Sales Director – Commercial, commented on the build:

“The temporary market in the heart of Barnsley posed some interesting building challenges, in particular, our temporary market hall uses the original concrete columns of the demolished Central Offices as its foundations. We worked with the Council’s engineer to create a steel sub-frame that was secured to the concrete foundations and, in turn, aligned with our steel columns at 6m intervals.

"This interface meant we were able to maximise the whole footprint of the area without impacting on the day-to-day activities of a further sub-basement level which remained in daily use, serving an adjacent shopping centre.”

The temporary market hall uses a steel frame, constructed by De Boer, and is clad in insulated thermal panel cladding supplied by Kingspan. The De Boer construction team partially assembled the building offsite to minimise disruption within the local area and finished the building in situ, laying the floor and erecting the walls and roof.

Alvarez added:

“The beauty of the temporary market hall is that the whole structure can be reused and re-sited at a later date, anywhere in the county, once it is no longer required for the market. As this is a semi-permanent building it can be assembled and subsequently dismantled, providing a long term asset for the council which can use the structure for many years to come.”

As well as the new market hall, the rejuvenation scheme, known as ‘Better Barnsley’, will also include a new landscaped public square, a cinema, a central library, additional car parking and a new shopping boulevard.

Sarah McHale, from Barnsley Council, commented:

“When Barnsley Council started to look at the process of creating a temporary market area, it became apparent that specialist skills would be required to overcome the challenges created by the site. De Boer has been instrumental in providing the most efficient solution to keep the May Day Green Market, a vital part of our community, fully operational during this time of potential upheaval.”

De Boer recipe for success at Food Matters Live exhibition


Food Matters Live.png

De Boer’s signature Panorama structure took centre stage at Food Matters Live, a three-day exhibition which brings together exhibitors and speakers from around the world to explore and discuss the significant relationship between food, health and nutrition.

The Panorama structure housed the exhibition’s seminar area, which totalled 314 square metres of space. The exhibition saw over 80 seminars with 300 expert speakers across three days, and attracted over 600 exhibitors showcasing innovative products and research in the food and drinks industry.

 John Cochrane, De Boer Sales Director- Events, commented:

“The Panorama structure’s round shape and domed roof achieved a modern, stylish look. Horizontal glass panels encircling the structure meant attendees benefitted from an unobstructed view of the event when inside the structure, which helped create a special atmosphere. The team operated to a tight build schedule, erecting the structure in just two days. 

“The Panorama structure is popular with our clients, due the impressive panoramic views visitors experience when within the structure. In the past, it has also been used at the Farnborough International Air Show and at the KLM Open Golf Tournament in the Netherlands.”

Michael Costain, Director of Food Matters Live, commented:

“De Boer helped us create a spectacular event space. The debate between the relationship between food, health and nutrition continues to dominate headlines and our exhibition enables collaboration amongst experts to find solutions to pressing issues affecting society. This year’s event proved to be a resounding success and De Boer was instrumental in us achieving that.”

Held in London’s ExCel centre, it is the UK’s only cross-sector event which brings together the food and drink industry, retailers, food service providers, nutritional experts and the government.

Food Matters Live ran from 22nd-24th November 2016.

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