De Boer Alu Hall 25 meter (up to 2100m2)


The A25-300-4 Alu Hall is a clearspan aluminium frame structure that is available in 25 meters width and up to 84 meter length, with a sidewall height of 3 meters. Total available surface area is 2100m2.

Fully modular
The length can be extended by successive increments of 4m. A generous sidewall height and solid PVC side panels enhance this concept, which is based on a modular structure. If so desired, the panels can naturally be replaced by luxurious door units or attractive smoked glass windows. The Alu Hall can withstand most types of weather, with wind up to wind force 11 (74 mph).

Multifunctional and Comfortable
Owing to their rectangular shape, Alu Halls are suitable for multi-functional use. These uses includes parties, exhibitions, company parties, car shows, temporary shops, storage space for covering a construction project, and much, much more. Alu Halls of varying widths are often combined together.

Roof and sides
The roof-tensioning system, developed and patented by De Boer, ensures the roof fabric is kept taut under all conditions. The use of the hard PVC side panels or glass panels creates a comfortable space; with perfect climate control. The apex of all Alu Hall structures has a unique system of natural ventilation developed by De Boer. 

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De Boer Alu Hall (business) - 4m bay


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