The new Premier is a true space winner – it is ideal for projects with a demand for more spectator capacity. It has a pronounced character of VIP hospitality.



Width / Size

10m, 15m, 20m

Std Side Height


Number one in versatility
De Boer’s Double Decker structures are multifunctional and have a pronounced character of VIP hospitality. On the upper level guests have a splendid and unobstructed view of the golf course, tennis court, racecourse, hockey field, racing circuit or any other event. The new Premier is a true space winner – it is ideal for projects with a demand for more spectator capacity.

Freedom of choice
The Premier is a modular platform that can be built as a stand-alone viewing platform or with various other De Boer structures placed on top: Pyramid, Walkway, Acropolis, Chalet, Skybox series and the Alu Hall 250-series and 325-series (including the Alu Vista). With this freedom of choice, De Boer provides you with a lot of creative possibilities for matching the Premier entirely to your needs and preferences.

Stairs, balcony
A wide terrace is created by placing a smaller structure on the upper level but in addition to this the Premier also offers an optional additional 2.5 meter-wide balcony for the long sides of the structure. The internal and external staircases can be located virtually anywhere. Furthermore, the internal stairs are fitted with the same tinted glass fencing as the structure itself.

Water drainage and improved insulation
With the Vista façade the air tightness of the structure has significantly been improved, adding to a feeling of comfort and reducing energy consumption. The lightweight Vista sandwich panels also contribute to the improved insulation of the facade. Rain water is collected beneath the platform floor and it is drained through integrated downpipes to an external sewer system.

Quality and safety
Typical of all De Boer accommodations is the integrity and safety of all materials and structures used. All our structures must meet stringent regulations, including the European EN 13782 standard. All materials meet the strictest requirements for fire safety, and wind loading. We consider our high-quality standards to be self-evident.

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