Unit 4 Agresso - Software Valley

Opening with a playful theme
Hosting an annual get-together for clients and showcasing a new head office were reason enough for international software and ICT specialist Unit 4 Agresso to host a party – a really special party. The event – in Sliedrecht – had to feel like a festival, hence the name 'Software Valley', a playful variation on Silicon Valley and dance festival Dance Valley. 

A festival of entertainment
With Software Valley, Unit 4 Agresso wanted to professionally entertain their associates, customers and employees by creating a unique party and festival atmosphere. De Boer’s Olympia was eminently suitable as a special reception area; stylish with the perfect atmosphere for an event. From serious panel discussions to light-hearted cabaret, from a laser show with DJ to presentations of new software solutions; the area lent itself perfectly to the diverse activities that took place during Software Valley. Spread over four days, no fewer than 2,500 people visited Unit 4 Agresso’s 'festival' in Sliedrecht. 

Photography: Sander van der Torren

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