Southampton Boat Show

All hands on deck
The Southampton Boat Show is proof that life really does begin at 40!. For this 40th anniversary exhibition, the event’s organisers pushed the boat out as never before. In addition to one of the biggest temporary harbours in Europe, visitors were able to see vessels exhibited by over 600 participants. In total, over 1,000 boats were on show, ranging in size from 1,5 metres to a three-storey luxury motor yacht.

Thousands of visitors
The spectacle began with the opening of the show by Team Great Britian who were presented to the audience after their success at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. After that, visitors were treated to a dazzling array of activities, from fashion and beauty shows to tours of the exhibition’s main attraction, the historical sailing yacht Jeannie Johnston. As always, thousands of visitors took to the water themselves in an amazing assortment of boats.

Prestigious nautical event
“The Southampton Boat Show is the most prestigious event of its kind in the UK, and De Boer is proud to be part of this world-famous exhibition,” said John Cochrane, De Boer UK’s Sales Director. De Boer provided a number of structures for exhibition halls, catering, reception areas, meeting rooms and first-aid facilities. It also built eight Chalets and twelve Pyramids to serve as temporary private harbour accommodation.

A highlight in the cooperation with De Boer
De Boer has been involved in the Southampton Boat Show since 1995. The 2008 edition, with over 120,000 visitors, was a high point in this collaboration.

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