Spectrum is a unique, modular and demountable building that meets building regulations and that can be used for a wide range of temporary and semi-permanent applications, for periods lasting from one week to many years. Rapid, flexible, demountable.





Width / Size

15 to 60m

Std Side Height

side height 6,5 / 8,2 / 9,8m free height 4,0 / 5,7 / 7,3m

Space to measure
The multifunctional characteristics of the Spectrum allow it to be used as a store, supermarket, sports hall, restaurant, event and exhibition hall, showroom, theatre, cinema, office, storage or production hall. The possibilities are endless. The Spectrum is the ideal multifunctional made-to-measure solution for your specific space requirements.

Rapid construction
The Spectrum is an RFD building; Rapid to build, Flexible in use and layout, Demountable after use. RFD is a building method that perfectly meets the increasing need for speed, flexibility and tailor-made solutions. The RFD building method provides a guaranteed high quality level, an almost unmatched speed in construction and the possibility to rapidly remove the entire facility once it is no longer needed. The short construction time keeps your risk and costs in check, keeps inconvenience to your organisation to a minimum and allows your business processes to continue as usual. 

Versatile and flexible
The high level of flexibility in duration of use, rental period, layout, appearance and location allow the Spectrum to match your specific needs and requirements perfectly. You will always have the space you need, when you need it, where you need it, for as long as you need it. Additionally, the building can be modified to meet your changing needs as the functionality evolves with your organisation. With its tall internal height, wide free span and virtually unlimited length the Spectrum offers ample space for most applications. With the optional mezzanine floor, the area capacity can be doubled within the available building footprint.

With Spectrum’s temporary space solution, you only pay for the period that you need it. You can keep your capital from being locked into a permanent building for a long period. Furthermore, when renting an existing facility, often the dimensions or layout do not exactly match the specific requirements of the hirer. The Spectrum is always suited exactly to your wishes and therefore one of the most cost-efficient solutions. Additionally, at any time you can choose to increase or decrease the space you wish to make use of.

Quality and safety
The Spectrum has been developed on the basis of national and European Building Regulations and norms, assuring the quality and safety of the construction. The building can easily function for years. The high level of quality of our services and products are guarded by our ISO 9001:2000 certification. All our structures are designed in accordance with BS6399:2005 and European Standard EN13783 and Flammability Performance in accordance with BS7837:1996.

A durable solution
As a result of the high insulation value and optimum air-tightness, the energy performance of the building is excellent, allowing you to keep your energy costs under control. In combination with the resulting low CO2 emissions, the high level of re-usability and the minimal amount of construction waste on site, the Spectrum is a truly durable building, fully prepared for the future.

Retail stores, showrooms & supermarkets
When renovating or redesigning an existing retail store facility, when you need extra sales space during a season peak, when your business is affected by an emergency or when you wish to build customer loyalty prior to construction of a permanent store, the Spectrum is the right choice.

Within a short period of time a fully functional store can be at your disposal. The high level of flexibility in layout and furnishing ensure that an appropriate and bespoke space can be created to suit your requirements. We can also offer an optional mezzanine floor which can double the available floor space in the same building footprint.

Events, exhibitions & product launches
As a temporary event location, the Spectrum can provide a wide range of applications. It is the new standard for exhibitions, shows, congresses, trade fairs, product launches, marketing stores, high-end hospitality facilities and many more.

The Spectrum will provide a professional image for your company, product or VIP reception. It offers the appearance of a permanent building with the unique advantages of a temporary modular building: optimal flexibility in layout, furnishing and location, freedom in rental period and unequalled speed of construction.

Sport & leisure centres
With the Spectrum you can have the sports building you desire. The construction of a multifunctional sport accommodation is a specialist task; a special floor is needed and specific requirements have to be met with regard to height, furnishing and finishing. De Boer can provide a multi-faceted sports facility which can last for years. 

The Spectrum provides ample capacity for many different sports, including space for grand stands, locker rooms, sanitary units and sport facility restaurants. The Spectrum also provides you with a durable and sustainable sports building; not only because it is fully demountable, but also because it is well insulated, which results in good energy performance and low energy consumption.

Warehousing, logistics & production
For warehousing, logistics and production, the Spectrum offers a flexible and multifunctional solution to companies who have an urgent requirement for space and would like another option to long term investment in a permanent building. The specific advantage of the Spectrum is that it can be built quickly on your own premises or another location, for instance near important arterial roads, ports or rail lines, and it can be removed as required.

With an internal free height of almost 7.5 metres, a gable width of up to 60 metres and virtually unlimited in length, the capacity is vast. The Spectrum can be delivered turn-key, including lighting, climate control, sprinkler installation, alarm systems, various types of industrial doors, personnel doors, office space and much more.
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