Shelter, Housing & Production Facilities

Shelter & Housing
With our vast experience and in-house Research & Development department, De Boer has established an industry-leading reputation of providing “special” semi-permanent emergency accommodation. We have the ability to respond to any disaster with tailor-made solutions matching each clients’ individual requirements. 

Governments, organisations and companies
We have provided large housing and shelter facilities for the US government and oil companies dealing with the aftermath of a disaster. With utility, transport and telecommunication networks severely damaged the task of the emergency services and rescue workers was made extremely difficult. De Boer solved the problem by building a complete, self-sufficient village for these essential staff to remain on site for weeks. The complex included welfare, catering and launderette facilities.

“The De Boer Company has been an invaluable resource to the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner in our planning for disasters. They have generously shared their experiences and lessons learned through several deployments.”
Chief Medical Examiner

Production Facilities
De Boer overcame extremely tight deadlines to supply a replacement structure for a huge Scottish food plant destroyed by fire. De Boer was contacted following the destruction of the Aulds factory located close to Glasgow Airport. The blaze gutted the original premises, which provided frozen desserts to a range of food service companies as well as snack products to high-profile supermarket groups such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s. 

Experience ensures continuity
According to Aulds’ Managing Director Alan Marr the time pressures were immense. He explained: “When we first had the fire the board met and decided that we had to be back in operation within between six and eight weeks or we basically didn’t have a business.

“We did talk to a couple of potential competitors but De Boer came to us with the experience that they had done this before – they were able to prove they could do it. When you are spending huge amounts of money to save an ongoing business you need to have confidence in the company you are dealing with. De Boer gave us that confidence from day one.” 

20 months squeezed in one month
Alan Marr adds: “We are amazed that anybody can build a building in this space of time. When they said initially that they could do it we had huge disbelief that it could be done. It was quite unbelievable that in just five weeks somebody could design and build a replacement to a building that had taken 20 months to create.” 

EFIS - Food Safety rating
Within weeks Aulds was awarded with the highest EFSIS - Food Safety rating. De Boer’s Director of Business Continuity Mical de Boer said: “The award by the European Food Safety was, for us, the ultimate proof and recognition we did a lot more than just a good job”.
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