De Boer Business Continuity - temporary business space

Wide experience and large portfolio
With more than 80 years experience of providing semi-permanent and flexible buildings, De Boer has established an industry-leading reputation in many of the world’s most important markets enabling us to respond to the individual requirements of each client with standard and/or tailor-made solutions. 

Quick delivery of replacement facilities
When time is of the essence, De Boer has the experience and products to enable any company to move its entire operation into a replacement building while major disaster recovery work, refurbishment or repairs are carried out. 

On site in hours, operational in days
A De Boer structure can be erected quickly and efficiently – an initial team can often be on site within hours – and a fully functioning re-locatable solution can be in place within days and left in place for months or even years. Alternatively, each structure can easily be moved from one site to another. 

Part of effective continuity plan
De Boer structures can protect and even enhance profits and business reputations. They can become an essential part of an effective business continuity plan and ensure job security whilst a positive response to a disaster can even strengthen an organisation’s reputation.

Our Business Continuity Solutions can help you safeguard your business and employee’s future.
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