Airport Solutions

Terminal and luggage handling facilities
The rapid rise in the number of low cost airlines is posing immense challenges to airport operators around the world. More and more people are now flying and that in turn has led to an increase in demand for airport terminal space and baggage handling capacity. 

Terrorism and fire
Another issue facing all airport operators is that of international terrorism, as witnessed at Glasgow and Heathrow Airports, while fire remains an ever-present threat to any large public building. In 1997 Heathrow’s Terminal 1 was closed following a fire at a restaurant. 

Contingency Model
The development and provision of a suitable and sufficient Contingency Model is a difficult and complex task for any airport to achieve. De Boer recognises these challenges facing airport operators can seem very difficult but we believe there are viable alternatives to the challenges posed by airport expansion and contingency planning. The cost of inaction would hit profits and reputation. 

Fast-to-build solutions
With many years experience building innovative affordable structures under intense time and space pressures we have developed a solution to build fast, flexible and relocatable accommodation offering complete terminal and/or baggage handling facilities. 

Previous assignments include:
- Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
- Doha Airport
- Heathrow Airport
- Cardiff International Airport
- Prestwick International Airport
- Barcelona Airport
- Frankfurt Airport
- Varna Airport, Bulgaria

The company’s work at Cardiff has been welcomed by the airport’s senior management. Operations Director Graeme Gamble said: “Airports are challenged with providing the best possible customer experience even when faced with rapid growth. De Boer’s solution has enabled Cardiff International to meet this challenge, providing an attractive environment just when it was needed.”
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