De Boer's history traces the growth, and development of a modest tent manufactures expansion into the world's leading rental company in the field of temporary accommodation.

The story of De Boer begins in 1924, in a small village in the province Noord Holland.

Klaas de Boer, owner of the local shop and an ambitious businessman, constructed a sheltered café using poles and tarpaulins for the annual village festival. The idea caught on and soon after, the first tent was purchased to offer buffets throughout the land. From this parochial beginning, the company focused on perfecting the tent as a temporary form of accommodation.

Innovations including fixed floors, side partitions and even different levels were developed in the decades that followed. International principals proliferated but basic premise remains unchanged from the key to success discovered all those years ago: supplying perfect accommodation.

De Boer's spirit of enterprise and innovation is intrinsic. Since its establishment in 1924, the company has distinguished itself in the market through its pioneering role in the areas of design, production, logistics and service.

Because the market demands increasing flexibility, De Boer has added a new dimension to the traditional tent: customised temporary accommodation suitable for any place, under any circumstances. De Boer is now a company that offers accommodation, throughout the world, for all conceivable applications: from parties, special events and exhibitions to goods storage, refugee relief and emergency accommodation.

Today, De Boer Group is market leader in rental of temporary accommodation for large a variety of short and long term uses, ranging from events and festivals to storage, airport luggage handling and temporary supermarkets.

Headquartered in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, De Boer now has sales offices in The Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. De Boer is also represented in Russia and the USA.

Worldwide it employs more than 300 people and during high season another 150 temporary workers are deployed.

NPM Capital has been major shareholder since August 2005.
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