The New Galaxy


Music subtly surrounds your guests. Above the rafters a violet-blue sky glows with ochre-yellow accents. The atmosphere is breathtaking, the colours enchanting. The enormous big top breathes life and atmosphere.





Width / Size


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Attendance may be in the thousands and yet each of your guests feels personally welcome.

A dream? No, your guests are in on of the world's largest big top structures: the New Galaxy by De Boer.  With this structure De Boer set a trend for a new generation of magic event structures. Traditional atmosphere and new technology have combined into a unique result. From a distance, the contours of the New galaxy form a contemporary skyline. Application of a modern variation of a truss structure and the attractive furnishing add up to a surprisingly warm interior ambience. 

Specification about the New Galaxy.
The highest point of the New Galaxy is 26 metres from the ground and its base is 60 metres wide by 107 metres long, dimensions that make it as big as a football field. This is enough space to receive 4.000 to 10.000 guests in luxury and comfort.

And if this size is still too small for your needs, the sister structures the Pink Galaxy od aother De Boer tents, can be joined to the New Galaxy for extra accommodation space. 

Spectacular events 
Speaking of stars stars, the design of the New Galaxy allows for large theatre and TV productions to be held in this magic structure. Not only are all the necessary facilities available, but the ridge height and the structure of the walls have been especially adapted to this purpose. Another feature is that twelve king poles spaced at 22-metre intervals support the phenomenal roof. This configuration means that the lines of vision from all angles are ideal for spectacular events.

Smaller spectacles are no problem. The structure has so much atmosphere of itself that any event held in it becomes a special happening. That's why the New galaxy can serve as a magnificent enclosure for company parties, conferences, popconcerts, shows and other largescale events.

Within a short time the New Galaxy has proven its capacity to provide top quality accommodation for a wide range of purposes. For example, in Vienna the structure hosted the world famous Spanish Riding School, was used in Mannheim to create a marvellous covered skating rink and in Biddinghuizen to accommodate the Lowlands Festival.

The hospitality made available in the New galaxy is unequalled. Visitors can be seated on gigantic stages, grandstands for thousands of people, in multistorey hospitality units or on a raised VIP patio. For the realisation of events de Boer can arrange collaboration with the best specialists in Europe. In this way organisational concepts can be developed to individual specifications. The event is created for you with the greatest possible care, permeated with the atmosphere you have in mind. The gigantic size of the New Galaxy provide you with virtually limitless possibilities.

New, Fast Technology
In spite of the huge dimensions of the New Galaxy, it can be ready to use in less than a week, complete with furnishings. Such super fast service can only be achieved because De Boer works with only the most advanced systems, a specialised construction team and highly efficient logistics. To keep the structure taut under all weather conditions, some eight kilometres of steel wire are incorporated into its roof. The material and shape of the structure ensure optimum acoustics. Hinged doors and such facilities as heating and air conditioning are optional. 
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