One of the greatest additions to the extensive De Boer selection is the pagoda style Olympia structure, a modular span tent available in widths of either 20 or 30 metres.





Width / Size

20m, 30m

Std Side Height


The development of the white Olympia structure combines the advantages of a traditional structure with advanced aluminium structures and eye-cathing combined with the quality and security of our patented solid and glass wall panel and door systems. 

In this way a modern skyline of complete accommodation was created of a rectangular basic shape that can be expanded through the addition of modules into a highly presentable structure. These features make the structure a modern, highly flexible unit that can be adapted effortlessly to the space available.

Panorama window panels or attractive De Boer doors can replace the rigid plastic wall panels.

The opaque membrane roof material runs from mast to mast. The cut of the tent fabric allows a taut roof shape. The shape of the roof and the ventilation system built into the masts ensure that warm air and smoke ventilate naturally. 

Olympia 20 and 30 metre
This model has a square base of 20 metres on the side, which can be extended as desired in segments of 8 metres. It can also be linked up to the 30 metres wide Olympia structure.

You may prefer the larger, rectangular Olympia model, which is 30 metres wide. This version can be extended in sections of 12 metres. The greater capacity of this tent makes it suitable for large- scale events and shows. 

Attractive Accommodation for Festive Events
The Olympia structure is available with or without a floor system. It is perfectly suitable for accommodating larger events of a festive character.

The shape of the tent alone makes it attractive, so you are free to concentrate on all the other details that will make your party an unforgettable experience.


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