The Chalet is an extremely versatile and stylish hospitality pavilion and party unit, complete with an attractive pagoda roof. A domed roof is also available for this structure.





Width / Size

25m2, 36m2, 64m2, 81m2

Std Side Height


De Boer’s Chalet is available in four sizes – 5m x 5m, 6m x 6m, 8m x 8m and 9m x 9m. A domed roof is also available for the 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m Chalet.  

At large party complexes where quality, ambience and luxury are a pre-requisite, Chalets also offer a stunning entrance and the peaked roof is particularly appealing. The roof is made by our sail makers who have joined a large number of PVC panels together to result in a perfect, wrinkle-free fit and a flowing roof shape which is visible from every corner of the structure. Rainwater is drained by means of an integrated truss system.  Any number of Chalets can be joined together. 

Quality Options
De Boer’s unique peak ventilation system ensures the natural removal of air which ensures a comfortable interior climate. The roof covers exclude light, a feature that contributes to a cosy, intimate interior space with optimum climate control.

You can choose from fixed walls with a decorative column motif, luxurious smoked glass panels, self-closing glass doors with push bars and door springs, emergency doors or PVC side curtains with arched windows. The Chalet is available with an optional wooden floor system.

Quality & Safety
Typical of all De Boer accommodation is the integrity and safety of all the materials and structures used. Structures meet stringent European requirements, including the German DIN standards. All materials meet the highest European standards for fire safety. All structures are wind tested. In this way De Boer ensures not only stylish accommodation but carefree hospitality as well.


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