Jumbo Hall


The enormous clear span of 30, 40 or 50m allows the erection of a structure the size of a complete stadium.





Width / Size

30m, 40m, 50m

Std Side Height

3.8m, 6.4m

The standard wall height is 4m. The apex height varies from 8 to no less than 12m. The Jumbo can accommodate almost every large-scale product or event in the utmost comfort. Like the Alu Halls, the Jumbo has a patented roof-tensioning system. This prevents any inadvertent flapping of the roof covers.

Numerous large-scale Applications
De Boer Jumbo Halls serve the most diverse purposes. These include use as a gigantic event hall, as an exhibition area or for the storage of goods. Even a complete trade fair will fit in. High quality roller shutter doors can be fitted in the front and rear facades, thereby creating an extra high drive-in opening for trucks.

Through the use of the hard PVC side panels a comfortable area is created with perfect temperature control. The apexes of all Jumbo Halls have a ventilation grid system, developed by De Boer, which effects natural ventilation. De Boer has a wide range of options for lining and furnishing of the structure.


Jumbo Hall
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