The unique De Boer Acropolis combines flexibility with style





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The Acropolis is a distinctive, free-standing hexagonal structure which has an internal space of 97m².  By linking a series of Acropolis together, we can create a stunning village in which to host parties, corporate entertainment, product launches, merchandising areas and film premieres.

The shape of the membrane-cut, opaque roof was specifically designed to prevent the fabric from flapping, even in stormy conditions.  Rainwater is drained effectively by means of an integrated truss- leg system and carried away under the floor.  The Acropolis takes its name from its characteristic PVC sidewall panels with their decorative column motif.  If desired, various types of doors, luxurious smoked glass panels, or flexible PVC side curtains with arched windows (that can be opened in good weather) can replace these sidewall panels.

The Acropolis can be erected with an optional wooden floor system with an anti-slip layer and can be joined to all other De Boer structures.

Character & Atmosphere
The Acropolis has its own character and atmosphere owing to its shape and use of the very best materials, this structure requires little decoration.  If you would like to add your own personal touch the standard ceiling fabrics and beautifully designed wall materials supplied by De Boer are effective accessories.  The modular features means that it can be used for small and large gatherings alike.

Quality & Safety
Typical of all De Boer accommodation is the integrity and safety of all the materials and structures used. Structures meet stringent European requirements, including the German DIN standards. All materials meet the highest European standards for fire safety. All structures are wind tested. In this way De Boer ensures not only stylish accommodation but carefree hospitality as well.


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