Warehouse Buildings


With vast experience in a diverse range of commercial sectors, De Boer has shown itself to be the perfect partner for organisations seeking temporary warehouses – or longer-term warehouse buildings.

Robust, secure facilities
The company’s products offer robust, secure environments but also provide the flexibility and speed of build that would be impossible to find in a permanent building. De Boer can also handle all ancillary and specialist services, to provide customers with the exact package they require.

A warehouse building for any location
A warehouse building from De Boer can be used in many different environments and locations, whether providing a semi-permanent distribution centre, port storage, a local authority storage depot or a temporary warehouse to help a company meet seasonal fluctuations in business demand.

Broad product choices
The range of products – with tremendous choice in lengths, widths and heights – means there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each warehouse building is created to meet the exact needs of each client – whether those requirements call for specific flooring, lighting, heating, security or air conditioning. The range of doors available from the company also offers the broadest possible choice of pedestrian or vehicular access – including for large trucks and high-loaders.

Environmentally aware
De Boer has also worked with many clients for whom minimising environmental impact is key. Semi-permanent structures can be erected with a host of ‘green’ features – both in the way they are constructed and their day-to-day operations.

All Weather Halls
De Boer’s products for warehouse buildings and temporary warehouses include its highly popular All Weather Hall, a robust, steel-framed structure that was initially designed to withstand the extremes of Scandinavia’s winters.

Semi-permanent solutions
The semi-permanent halls offer the ideal balance – being quick to erect but having a potential life span lasting many decades, and with the potential to be moved or altered in size if a client’s requirements change.

Temporary warehouses to a challenging deadline
The vast range of assignments tackled by De Boer – both in the UK and across the globe – means the company has the proven expertise and experience. De Boer has provided warehouse buildings and temporary warehouses for many different clients, in diverse locations and to meet frequently challenging deadlines.

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