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Schools & Colleges
When fire swept through part of The Netherlands’ oldest technical university, officials took less than a week to create emergency accommodation for students – thanks to the expertise and experience of De Boer Structures.

A Delft University spokesman said: “We are extremely happy with De Boer’s response and the speed at which all its re- locatable structures were built. All our engineering and architect students were amazed by the whole project but, most importantly, it means we can finalise our academic year without any disruption!”

See download case study Delft University for more details.

Other Facility Services
There are many reasons for which you need additional or replacement accommodation to keep your business or organisations going. While permanent replacement is sought, interim accommodation keeps your business moving forward.

Fast and reliable
One of the great advantages of temporary accommodation is the speed at which it is able to meet a sudden demand. This is a must in urgent situations where business continuity is critical.

Such speed can only be achieved because De Boer works with the most advanced systems, a specialised construction team and a highly efficient logistics system that can draw on worldwide stocks. De Boer moreover has at its disposal an extensive network of professional partners in various disciplines. However great the urgency, concessions are never made to the reliability and safety of the accommodation.

Flexible and comfortable
By employing modular construction methods, every accommodation can be expanded or reduced at any time. This is a highly flexible system that can be effortlessly orientated to the space that is available and required and to existing circumstances.

Because all shelters are constructed of multi-functional panels, virtually any conceivable interior configuration is also possible, so that sufficient privacy can be assured for the users.

Total concept
A temporary shelter is more than the sum of a number of walls. Service also takes high priority at De Boer. Water, electricity and sanitary facilities can all be part of the accommodation package. Heating and air conditioning can be laid on as options as well. The service package can also include soft furnishings and any further furnishing of rooms. All this adds up to an extremely efficient service based on the principle of one-stop-shopping. In this way De Boer provides a total concept that has proven its ability to save customers considerable time and money.

Safety and UK & European standards
All structures are tested in practice right down to the smallest detail. Thus De Boer accommodation meets the toughest possible international standards and guarantee a maximum degree of safety. Furthermore, all materials meet the highest European standards for fire safety and all tents are storm-proof. They withstand almost all weather conditions. Accommodation of De Boer can therefore be used not only temporarily, but equally well on a semi-permanent basis.
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